Contribute Now to For a Greater Westchester-Area Congressional Delegation

by Westchetser-USA Steering Commimttee


If we needed proof that working to achieve Democratic Majorities in Congress would make a difference, we recently got it when timetalbes for ending the occupation of Iraq passed both Houses of Congress by the barest of margins. Westchester-USA is proud to have helped elect two new Democratic House members from our area (John Hall and Kirsten Gillibrand). Their votes provided the margin of victory for this legislation in the House. We continue to support them and have now begun fundraising for their re-election in 2008.

Westchester-USA is a group of concerned progressive voters based in the Westchester Sound Shore Towns. In 2006, we focused on helping progressive U.S. House challengers unseat rubber stamp Republicans. But after the election our work continues, for bringing changes for the better to our government will require the involement of as many citizens as possible in an ongoing effort.

No matter what your knowledge or interest in politics is, regular people must ALL participate in the next few weeks in maintaining a Congress that will serve the common interests of the people, rather than the special requests of big money interests.

Help us maintain a "Greater" Westchester-area congressional delegation! Donate whatever you can. The minimum donation is $5 and any amount is most welcome. Consider a small recurring monthly donation. These can add up to big numbers between now and November 2008.

Please add 18 cents to your dollar amount to let the candidates know that Westchester-USA sent you. Why 18 cents? Because we are based in the 18th Congressional District of NY. We are not anticipating any competitive races in our district in 2008. But we can still have a strong positive impact on our neighbors to the North, East and West.

For more information on Westchester-USA and our activities, please e-mail

Image of John Hall

John Hall


One of the great Progressive success stories of 2006 is John Hall, who was not the pick of the Democratic establishment in the five-way primary (that he won in a landslide). They thought he was "too liberal" for the district. He went on to defeat entrenched Republican Sue Kelly, and what a difference!

So far Hall has been out in front on the key issues of the day including ending the occupation of Iraq, achieving energy independence and oversight of Indian Point. Let's do what we can to keep John Hall's strong progressive voice in Congress.

Image of Kirsten Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand


Kirsten Gillibrand is a very promising and engaging Congresswoman. The NY Times has been following her early days in Congress since handily defeating the exceedingly unpleasant Republican incumbent John Sweeney in 2006.

So far she has been out front on issues of energy independence, Congressional ethics reform and tax relief for small businesses. With our help we can keep NY-20 blue in 2008.

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