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Help return our Constitution and the United States to We The People. Help us to support and elect "more and better Democrats"! ----------------------------

Help support Barack Obama to become the next great president of the United States! With our support and our pressure, we can help hold him to the true progressive changes that must take place if We The People are to get this country back on track. ----------------------------- Make a donation to the Democratic Party, to help show the that they are to be the party of The People and not the "corporate" party.

Help Howard Dean continue his 50 State Strategy, which has helped bring new in Democrats and reinvigorate long standing Democrats who felt they had been forgotten. The DNC does not just support presidential candidates, they help support local and state candidates! ----------------------------- To end with, since we are based in Washington state (the other Washington) we would like to show our support for two great WA state candidates (who happen to be women): Darcy Burner and Christine Gregoire.

Darcy Burner is trying to unseat Dave Reichert and Christine Gregoire is fighting to hold the Governors seat against a Rovarian attack machine from the state and national republicans, special interest groups and the Dino Rossi campaign.

Give what you can and when you can, try and give again.

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Barack Obama


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Darcy Burner


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WesPAC - Securing America's Future

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