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by Carl Manaster


We won, and won big, in 2006. But a lot of our candidates lost. This page is dedicated to those candidates, to thank them for the enormous sacrifice they made. I don't want their final, lasting memory of the campaign to be of their struggle to retire their campaign debt - I want them to reflect on how their participation helped us win nationwide. So please give what you can to help them retire that debt. And please spread the word - let's get this done quickly!

Candidates: Please email me with your outstanding debt amount if you would like to be included on this page.

Image of Stacey Tallitsch

Stacey Tallitsch


Stacey is a progressive candidate who needs to retire $16,000 in campaign debt so he can start with a clean slate in 2007.

Image of Coleen Rowley

Coleen Rowley


Coleen Rowley needs about $30,000 to retire her campaign debt. She and her husband are taking out a second mortgage because of this! Please help her out.

Image of Wendy Wilde

Wendy Wilde


Wendy Wilde has $2,400 of campaign debt.

Image of Jean Hay Bright

Jean Hay Bright


Jean Hay Bright needs $19,000 to close accounts on her Maine Senate Race.

Barry Welsh


I'm delighted to report that Barry no longer needs your help - Kos' page did the trick. So please find another fine candidate to help out here.

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