Contribute Now to When They Lie

by Alan Grayson


My race is going to be tough, and my opponent is going to have a simple strategy: Lying.

It's what Republicans do to Democrats. But the Republicans have never met anyone like me. And I'm going to run like a Congressman with Guts. Here's my first ad. I promise, it's nothing like you've ever seen from a political candidate:

If you agree, please contribute $35, $50 or more and we'll put it on the air!

It says everything that needs to be said. War. Poverty. Suffering. The Republicans didn't have a plan for healthcare. And, their plan for the war is to stay -- at all costs. Their plan for poverty is to give tax breaks to the rich. And, their plan to end suffering is to tell people they're on their own.

There is a better way. And, I'm fighting for it day in and day out. Watch this ad. And, put it on the air by contributing $35, $50 or more.


Alan Grayson

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)