Contribute Now to Where My Mouth Is

by Carl Manaster

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I'm putting my money where my mouth is - I'm supporting Democrats, particularly those who share my liberal values. I want to see a much stronger Democratic majority in the House, and until we get publically funded elections, giving money to good Democrats is one of the best ways to bring that about.

I'm choosing candidates who are not shoo-ins, but who have a chance of winning - this is where my limited donations can make the most difference. Please help this country by making a contribution to one or more of these fine candidates today. Thank you!

--Carl Manaster

Image of Debbie Cook

Debbie Cook


Debbie is a very serious candidate who can defeat ten-term incumbent Dana Rorhbacher. As mayor of Huntington Beach, she's known in the district where she's won with large margins. Debbie can win this - with your help and mine. Let's make it happen!

Image of Mike Copass

Mike Copass


Mike is a longshot, challenging my Congresswoman, Susan Davis, in the primary. I'm supporting him because I'm disappointed with Representative Davis - particularly on the issue of impeachment - and I think Mike will do a better job. He won't be beholden to defense contractors, and I know he'll vote his conscience. He has a tough race ahead of him, and I'm happy to help him try to win it.

Image of Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards


Donna is again running a primary challenge against Al Wynn, a Blue Dog. MD-04 is a strongly Democratic district; it deserves a stronger Democrat representing it. Donna Edwards is that stronger Democrat; please help her win. Update: Donna won! 60% to 35%.

Image of Jerry W. Northington

Jerry W. Northington


Help me help this good peace-loving liberal Democrat win a seat in the House. This strongly Democratic district deserves strongly Democrat representation to replace the Republican who now holds the seat.

Image of Betsy Markey

Betsy Markey


Betsy is a good liberal and a hard-working campaigner. She's got endorsements across the Colorado Democratic spectrum. Betsy is running against Marilyn Musgrave, who is on Karl Rove's "priority defense" list - this district is going to get a lot of money from the opposition. It's up to us to see that Betsy has funds to answer that, so she can win this district. Please help.

Image of Dan Seals

Dan Seals


Dan came close to winning this district last year, and in 2008 he can win it. He's a good, solid Dem in a slightly red district; between the name recognition and credibility he built up in 2006 and increasingly Democratic sentiment, I think he'll take it. He's certainly got my help and I hope he'll get yours, too.

Image of Clint Curtis

Clint Curtis


Clint is all about clean elections, and it looks like Tom Feeney is about to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Clint is well-positioned to take advantage of the ensuing scandal, and he'll be even better so with our help.

Image of Nancy Boyda

Nancy Boyda


Please help support the re-election of a fine Congresswoman in a red (PVI R+7) district. Her 2006 victory was one of the great success stories of a spectacular season; let's renew that victory in 2008!

Image of Scott Harper

Scott Harper


A good guy, running in a tough district, running for the right reasons. Check out Scott's website; he's thoughtful and progressive. Let's help him win.

Image of Samm Simpson

Samm Simpson


This is a slightly Democratic district where the incumbent Republican keeps winning, by a lot. Let's change that in 2008!

Barry Welsh


Barry is in a tough district - PVI R+11. He's running against the moron who said that Iraq was "like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime". Please help give Barry a fighting chance.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Larry is a great grassroots and netroots candidate who came very close to winning this red district in 2006. In 2008 he's going to win it, and I'm happy to help him do so.

Image of John Hall

John Hall


John's district is a focus of the RNC and Karl Rove; they want this district back, and they're backing a millionaire to take it back. So expect this one to get dirty - and expensive. Help John hold this seat; he's a keeper.

Image of Linda Stender

Linda Stender


Linda is a well-spoken, outspoken opponent of the war who nearly defeated the Republican incument in 2006. I think she learned enough last year to win it in 2008; between those lessons and your contributions, we'll put yet another House seat into the hands of a good Democrat.

Image of Christine Jennings

Christine Jennings


By any legitimate count, Christine won the 2006 election - and this, in a PVI R+4 district! She's solidly anti-war, and she didn't passively accept the corrupt election "results". She fought for it last time, and she'll fight again this time - and this time, I think she's going to win it. We need her vote in the House; please help her out.

Image of Ron Shepston -Debt Retirement

Ron Shepston -Debt Retirement


Ron is a candidate from the netroots. He's a strong supporter of the Constitution. He's got his head on straight and he's running against one of Congress' most corrupt members. Please help him win this race; he'll be a terrific Congressman.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy is going to win it, this time - and she's going to be a great Congresswoman. Right on all the issues, smart, and bold - let's help her win!

Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


Mary Jo ran hard in 2006 and came within 1,100 votes of beating the fourth-ranking member of the Republican leadership. In 2008, this is an open seat, and I think Mary Jo's very likely to win it. Please help make that happen; please make a contribution to Mary Jos campaign.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Carol is a great grassroots candidate, an energetic campaigner, and a great Congresswoman. Hers is considered a vulnerable seat, and we need to keep her in the House. Please join me in supporting her re-election.

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Charlie is crushing the corrupt John Doolittle this time around - current polling is 51 for Charlie to 31 for Doolittle. Let's make sure he wins this one!

Image of Victoria Wulsin

Victoria Wulsin


Dr. Vic Wulsin last year showed herself to be a powerful campaigner, nearly defeating Mean Jean Schmidt in this bright red district. Vic is in it for the long haul - and for the right reasons - and that's why I'm helping her out. She will win it this time, with our help.

Image of John Laesch

John Laesch


Former Republican Speaker Denny Hastert may be picking up his marbles and going home early - so perhaps John has a special election coming up. The hard work he put in last year gives him name recognition and an edge. Let's help him win it!

Image of Eric Massa

Eric Massa


Eric is a netroots favorite who came within 4% of winning in 2006. With that experience behind him, with his boundless energy, and with our help, he will win in 2008. He's not accepting corporate PAC money, so it's up to us. Please help him out.

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