Hold Senate Republicans Accountable for their War on Women

by Chris Larson


UPDATE - In less than 3 hours, we blew past our goal of $2,000 to hold Mike Ellis and his Republican buddies in the State Senate accountable for their anti-women stance. But we can't stop there.

Let’s hold them accountable for their hypocritical ways and show them that a woman’s right to choose is her right!

You have responded to our request to spread the message about their gross behavior. Help us reach our next goal of $4,000!!

Senator Mike Ellis and Republican Senators angrily jammed through a bill that will force women to have a unwanted lecture and a medically unnecessary ultrasound before she can have an abortion. To make matters worse, they refused to let Democrats debate the merits of the bill and insulted the one Democratic Senator who was allowed to speak.

Will there be a political consequence for the GOP’s actions? Help us answer that question with a YES by raising $2,000 to defeat Senator Mike Ellis today.

State Senate Democratic Committee (WI)