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Progressive Kick is committing at least $125,000 we've received from major donors exclusively for dollar-for-dollar matches to donations raised on ActBlue for progressive candidates for state legislature & down ballot statewide offices (Secretary of State etc.). That's a quarter of a million dollars for these wonderful candidates – but it'll only happen if you participate! We've vetted these candidates very carefully with multiple experts/polling data in each state and are sure that each one is in a close but winnable race and that control of Congressional redistricting in their state is at stake.

All of our candidates are progressive leaders with real backbones unlike some Democratic members of Congress who we’ll have to hold our noses to vote for in order to keep a majority. Many of our candidates on this page will be the progressive Congressional candidates of the future. All money donated on ActBlue through our page will be deposited directly in the accounts of the candidates, not in ours. But we're only matching donations made through our own ActBlue page, so tell your friends to come here and double their impact with no extra cost!

Image of Jocelyn Benson

Jocelyn Benson

MI-Sec State

Jocelyn is an election law professor at Wayne State University who actually has written a book on how Secretary of States can make the electoral system more transparent, accountable, and accessible. In 2008, Jocelyn’s opponent, Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson, said it was ok for voters to be challenged at the polls just because their homes were in foreclosure — Jocelyn stood up and said it was wrong. Johnson proudly displays endorsements from conservative groups Right To Life and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Image of Christine Green

Christine Green


Christine has practiced law in Washtenaw County for 25 years. As an attorney, she has championed civil rights and the fair treatment of employees and is a board member of Planned Parenthood Mid-Michigan Alliance. Christine’s opponent, Mark Oimet, is a self-financing member of the Republican establishment which has continued to wreck the state; he is part of a growing number of anti-choice candidates in Michigan.

Image of Art Reyes

Art Reyes


Art has spent his life fighting for the rights of workers and is a life-long resident of Genesee County. He is running against a sitting state representative who spent most of 2010 running for another job and whose big crusade is advocating against transgendered individuals changing their sex on their driver’s licenses.

Image of Dian Slavens

Dian Slavens


Dian’s a respiratory therapist who has seen firsthand the struggles families face in obtaining access to affordable healthcare. During her first term she has been a standup leader and strong vote for progressive issues — even at times when the issue would cause her potential trouble back home.

Image of Barbara McIlvaine Smith

Barbara McIlvaine Smith


Barbara McIlvaine Smith, a fiercely independent progressive Democrat is battling to retain her seat against Dan Truitt, a candidate with extremist positions who has attracted the attention and support of Tea Party "Patriots". One of the legislature's greatest environmental champions, McIlvaine Smith is no stranger to tough races. She first won her seat in a recount that gave Democrats control of the House.

[NOTE: Contributions to Rep. Smith will be matched up to $15,000, thanks to a generous grant.]

Image of Rick Taylor

Rick Taylor


Rick Taylor is a strong progressive who’s led fights on campaign contribution limits, anti-school kid bullying legislation, keeping criminals from getting out of state concealed weapons permits, etc. Rick defeated his Republican opponent, assistant District Attorney Todd Stephens, who is back for a rematch, by 419 votes in 2008.

Image of Frank Bovalino

Frank Bovalino


Frank Bovalino is challenging first term Republican Jim Christiana, 27, a young right-winger who votes with his caucus 95 percent of the time. Frank served on the school board for 12 years and is an advocate for education funding.

Image of Mark Painter

Mark Painter


Mark Painter has disabled children and has championed their cause representing parents advocating for better services from their school districts. His opponent, Tom Quigley serves as a mouthpiece for GOP leadership. Quigley has consistently voted against labor and middle class America and the environment.

Image of Maryellen O'Shaughnessy

Maryellen O'Shaughnessy

OH-Sec State

Maryellen O'Shaughnessy is a passionate progressive with an impressive Ten Point Plan for improving Ohio's elections system, helping Ohio's economy grow, and promoting trust and integrity in the electoral system. As Clerk of Court of Common Pleas for one of Ohio's largest counties, she oversees a vast system of county records, a staff of 231, and a budget of $12.5 million. She has a strong record of success in providing more responsive services and boosting transparency. It is imperative that Democrats retain the office of Secretary of State because that office has been misused in presidential elections by the infamous Ken Blackwell and it is one of five positions on the Apportionment Board which will redraw Ohio legislative districts.

Image of David Robinson

David Robinson


David is Vice President of Marcy Enterprises, a local family-owned manufacturing company that deals in the kind of innovative, cutting-edge manufacturing that will be the basis of new-economy jobs. This district is the best chance for a Dem pick-up in 2010 which could well be the key in preventing Republican control of redistricting in Ohio.

Image of Linda Secrest

Linda Secrest


Linda Secrest comes from a family of six children and growing up worked alongside her siblings to build their family business, Taylor Terrace, from the ground up. She currently serves as executive director of Guernsey County Drug and Alcohol Services, in rural Southeast Ohio. Her opponent is an avowed tea party follower who’s campaigning on “nullifying” the health care law in Ohio and cutting state support for public schools.

Image of Dan Rayfield

Dan Rayfield


Dan Rayfield is running against Sen. Frank Morse, who was named as one of the 12 most anti-environment state-level candidates in the nation by the League of Conservation Voters. Dan's big focus is on creating meaningful, decent-paying jobs in part through his strong support for higher education in Oregon.

Image of Nick Kahl

Nick Kahl


In his first term, Rep. Nick Kahl worked to hold big banks and lending companies accountable, so they've targeted him for defeat. His opponent, Matt Wand, is a local city council member who opposes raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy - but balanced his town's budget by raising water and sewer fees on low-income families.

Image of Susan Sokol Blosser

Susan Sokol Blosser


Susan Sokol Blosser is one of the founders of Oregon's world-renowned wine industry where she’s a leader on environmental sustainability. Her opponent, Rep. Jim Weidner proposed a bill taking away health care for 80,000 of Oregon's children.

Image of Will Rasmussen

Will Rasmussen


Will Rasmussen is focused on great schools, protecting farm and forest land, and growing our economy. His opponent, Julie Parrish, is closely aligned with shadowy right wing outfit Americans for Prosperity and styles herself as Oregon's Sarah Palin.

Image of Doug Ainge

Doug Ainge


For over three decades, Doug Ainge has been a teacher, mentor and coach in Oregon's schools. His opponent, Shawn Lindsey, tries to fake moderation but in fact campaigns with right wing fringe groups.

Image of Patsy Keever

Patsy Keever


Patsy Keever: “I originally decided to run for the NC Legislature when I read in the local newspaper that my current legislator was ranked at the very bottom of all NC legislators by the nonpartisan organization, Environment NC…. I was up against all the "powers that be" in the state, and it was a real shot in the arm to get the surprise support from Progressive Kick at a time when we were unable to get support from the groups I had expected to have… we won our primary by a 60 - 40 margin against an entrenched incumbent who outspent me five to one…” Patsy's Republican opponent is even worse than the Blue Dog she beat in the primary, let's put her over the top!

Image of Josh Stein

Josh Stein


Senator Josh Stein fights for clean energy jobs, stands up for our schools, and works to expand access to quality health care. The Sierra Club and North Carolina Association of Educators named him a “Rising Star.” His conservative opponent, Michael Beasley, supported a Republican budget that would have laid-off thousands of teachers and would take tax dollars away from public schools, giving it to private schools instead.

Image of Jennifer Weiss

Jennifer Weiss


Rep. Jennifer Weiss is a lawyer and mom known as the conscience of the North Carolina House who's fought for great schools, investments in small businesses and healthy, sustainable communities. Her opponent Don Frantz signed a right-wing Pledge, which protects tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and would drastically cut funding for our schools and essential human services if implemented.

Image of Rick Glazier

Rick Glazier


Rep. Rick Glazier has worked effectively to increase access to quality, affordable healthcare; ensure a globally-competitive education for every child; and promote justice & equality for all citizens. He is consistently ranked among the top 5 most effective legislators in the North Carolina House and since his first session has introduced and passed more legislation than any of the other 169 legislators in the state. His opponent, Jackie Warner, supported massive proposed cuts to public education and social services and has openly used a difference of religion to attack Rep. Glazier in rural churches.

Image of Progressive Kick

Progressive Kick

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