Contribute Now to Win in 2006

by bmacedo101

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The Republican Senate majority hangs by a thread. Democrats have a great opportunity to swing that majority their way in 2006.

I am tired of the status quo. We all need to work together to win back our country by building a progressive majority one member at a time. Make a contribution to this critical cause.

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Let's show our support to Harry Reid and our fellow Dem Senators and give some cash to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

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Sheldon Whitehouse


Sheldon decided to run for Senator of Rhode Island because he could no longer tolerate what is happening to our country. He believes that we need another unwavering Democratic voice in the Senate to join Jack Reed in standing strong with Democratic Leadership to protect Social Security and a woman's right to choose, to stand up to special interest and to fight against the Tom Delay and the Republican machine. Sheldon I believe is the most deserving, candidate with strong, sound stances, running in a race where your dollars matter most. Please make a contribution to this critical cause. In such a blue state we should be able to take this Senate seat from Republican Lincoln Chafee.

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