Contribute Now to Give a last-minute push to win some tight races!

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Did you know that Democrats may regain the House!!!! We have at least 60 competitive seats. But some campaigns desparately need money NOW for GOTV and last minute ads.

Support for corrupt Republicons is faltering. Some races no one thought were competitive like Simon below in AZ-01 have recently been polling as neck in neck, or with the Dem even slightly ahead.

I wrote this page because I wanted to figure out where in AZ and close states to put my money to best use, because I truly want to see our country recover from the travesty it has become under Bush's leadership. The first step to bringing the Bush agenda to a screeching halt is to get a Democratic majority in the House - as big as we can muster....

I focused on Arizona, and western races, with a few others thrown in who are outstanding grassroots candidates. I tried to add races where the National Democratic organizations may not be focusing. Ellen Simon and Eric Massa are good examples of this. people who are showing outstanding results through hard work and talking to the people in their district one-on-one with very little national support.

Image of Ellen Simon

Ellen Simon


Her Republican opponnent(Renzi) is a crook. He was found to have violated campaign laws. She was a lawyer for the ACLU supporting civil rights. Need I say more? The latest poll 10/11 had her up by 4 points, 50 - 46% a suprise last minute shift, but she is not receiving much national attention or bucks. Your dollars could make a real difference here, and help that poll to become reality.

This is a campaign that really will use every penny you send. This district has a slight majority dem voters, so it is definitely winnable.

Image of Harry Mitchell

Harry Mitchell


JD Hayworth, Mitchell's opponent recently has been under scandal for promoting Henry Ford's anti-semetic "Americanization" policies. In addition his representatives in a debate told a largely Jewish audience that Hayworth was a better Jew than them (even though Hayworth is a Baptist).

Image of Jay Fawcett

Jay Fawcett


One of two extremely close Colorado races

Jay Fawcett is an Air Force (and Gulf War) vet right in the heart of Air Force territory (the Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs). This is deep-red territory, but Fawcett is running neck and neck with the Republican due to a strong campaign!

Image of Ed Perlmutter

Ed Perlmutter


This is an open seat in a district which is mixed. The polls show Perlmutter slightly leading.

Ed Perlmutter has a history as an education and alternative energy supporter. As a state legislator he chaired the Colorado renewable energy caucus.

Image of Eric Massa

Eric Massa


Though in the West of NY state, not of the country. I met Massa at a convention, and let me tell you if anyone deserves to win he does. He is the real thing, firey, tireless, a Vet who opposes the Iraq war.

Just recently his grassroots strategy is paying off as polls show that he has barely pulled ahead of his opponent.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Jerry's opponent, Richard Pombo is a walking, talking environmental wrecking machine. He is also one of the most corrupt members of Congress. McNerney by contrast is a Math PhD and a Wind energy engineer. And the race is very, very close.

Your dollars could make a difference for our children, and children's children.

Image of Clint Curtis

Clint Curtis


Clint Curtis, a computer programmer, whistleblower and public servant, was asked by corrupt Republican Congressman Tom Feeney to create a program that would flip votes in computerized election machines undetectably. Curtis has since testified against Feeney in front of Congress.

Curtis is a strong progressive candidate who will act to end corruption in Congress. A recent 10/24 poll puts the race almost tied. 45- 43% this is amazing considering this is a very lean campaign.

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