Contribute Now to WI Supreme Court Recount Fund

by Democratic Party of Wisconsin


It’s clear that Republicans will stop at almost nothing to keep Scott Walker's ally — David Prosser — on the Supreme Court.

Prosser’s campaign itself said that Prosser wanted to be a “complement” to Walker and his radical agenda. And on the eve of the election, Walker’s chief legal counsel himself admitted in an email to supporters that Prosser is their last line of defense for Walker’s agenda.

Hundreds of votes separate JoAnne Kloppenburg from David Prosser out of more than a million cast, making the Supreme Court race the closest statewide race in modern Wisconsin History.

If you believe Supreme Court justices should be independent, and not “complements” for Scott Walker, I hope you will support our recount efforts and ensure that Republicans don’t steal the Supreme Court election.

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Democratic Party of Wisconsin - State Account