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Dear WR!SD friends -

We're fired up for a new slate of candidates!

During Presidential election cycles political investments not only tend to float up to already well-funded campaigns but there is little trickle down to progressive women in Red States where we must turn the tide.

WR!SD is dedicated to those women who stand tall for justice, equality and the future of our beautiful natural resources. South Dakota is woefully short on women in its legislative bodies at a time when deep challenges are evident for repro justices, economic parity and preserving the gorgeous landscape and water supply from oil producers, fracking enthusiasts and the ravages of Monsanto.

WR!SD endorsed candidates deserve a hand!

They can and will win with strategic campaigns, solid GOTV organizing and the support of people like you! Candidates with far right agendas took out some great incumbents in 2010. We are eager to return the favor.

Toss some support here on this page or send a little something in the mail to these women who wage the good fight all the time in SD. They'll be taking their skills with them to a legislature long in drought over the rights of women, youth and First Nation citizens.

Susan Randall, State House District 12, 500 S Grange Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Jackie Swanson, State House District 32, 1116 11th Street, Rapid City, SD 57701

Pam Merchant, State Senate District 7, 1140 Apache Trail, Brookings, SD 57006,

Rep. Peggy Gibson, Incumbent District 22, 1010 Valley View Court, Huron, SD 57350

Linda Brandt, State House District 7, 304 Dakota Avenue, Brookings, SD 57006

Marion Sorlien, State House District 17, 509 W Lincoln Avenue, Viborg, SD 57070

Please give as generously as you can. Women and girls in South Dakota need to know we all have their backs. Help them wage the good fight for the future of the next seven generations.

Then come on over and give us a Like on Facebook!

Yours truly,

Laura Ross for WR!SD

Pssst! GOTV is intensive in the massive districts of SD. $5,000. would provide much needed assistance getting to the polls for hard-strapped voters in the First Nations. Are you that fantastic donor?

Note: Individual contributions to SD PACs are limited to $10,000. per year. WR!SD is a state-only PAC; contributions do not affect federal contribution limits.

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