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by Regi Burns

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While I hope that we're fortunate enough to watch Barack Obama be inaugurated on January 20, 2009 to end the nightmare of the failed Bush-Cheney years, I realize that alone won't be enough to push this nation toward a more progressive future. President Obama will need a WORKING MAJORITY in the the Senate, ideally a fillibuster proof majority of 61. (We're kickin' Sen Joseph Lieberman (?-CT) to the curb come Nov 5th.) By supporting these deserving candidates, we can give President Obama the legislative support he so richly deserves.

10/05/08 update: reports that the possiblity of a 60-seat Democratic majority is looking increasingly plausible. PLEASE donate today to make this not just a possibility, but a REALITY!

10/08/08 update: The NYTimes reports that "analysts now predict a Democratic surge on a scale that seemed unlikely just weeks ago, with even some Republicans in traditional strongholds fighting for their political careers, and Democratic leaders dreaming of ironclad majorities." So NOW is the time to press our advantage. PLEASE give generously!

10/29/08 update: The Washington Post reports that "Corruption Conviction of Senator Stevens Enhances Democrats' Prospects".

Image of Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Image of Mark Begich

Mark Begich


Mark is running against federally indicted, 'Bridge-to-Nowhere' Sen Ted Stevens(R-AK), who has served in office longer than any GOP senator in history. Needless to say, it's time for him to GO. Maybe in retirement, he'll finally figure out that the internet is not just "a series of tubes".

And Mark Begich, former mayor of Anchorage, is just the type of progressive voice who will support a fiscally responsible and socially progressive agenda in the Senate. Mark was twice named Alaska's top elected municipal official by his colleagues statewide in 1997 and 2004. Please give generously as a media dollar goes a long way in Alaska. He deserves our support.

10/27/08 update: Sen Ted Stevens (R-AK), the longest serving Republican in the US Senate, was convicted on all seven felony counts he faced in connection with his failure to disclose over a quarter of a million dollars worth of gifts related to the renovation of one of his homes.

For more info, visit Begich for Senate

Image of Mark Udall

Mark Udall


Running for the open seat vacated by the retiring Sen Wayne Allard (R-CO), Mark Udall sports an amazing political pedigree. Son of former Arizona congressman and 1976 presidential candidate Mo Udall, first cousin of fellow US Senate candidate Rep Tom Udall (D-NM) , and nephew of former Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, Mark is a consummate environmentalist. Before running for Congress, he served as executive director of Colorado Outward Bound for 10 years.

Rep Udall is a firm opponent of the Patriot Act and the expansion of FISA domestic spying powers and will bring these much needed progressive values to the US Senate. He is also an unabashed supporter of equal rights for the GLBT community.

10/08/08 update: A poll of polls shows Udall holds a 44.3% to 38.7% lead over Bob Schaffer.

For more info, visit Mark Udall for U.S. Senate

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


Former GA state legislator Jim Martin faces the herculean task of opposing Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), who ran scurrilous ads during his 2002 campaign comparing then Senator Max Cleland (D-GA) to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Cleland is a triple amputee and Vietnam veteran. Sen John McCain (R-AZ) described the ads as "worse than disgraceful, it's reprehensible." Sen Chuck Hagel (R-NE) said the ads were "beyond offensive to me." Chambliss does not deserve to serve in the nation's highest legislative body.

Making a career out of fighting for the middle class, Jim Martin believes it's time to protect Americans from the predatory corporate business practices of credit card companies, insurance companies, banks and oil companies. We need his strong populist voice in the US Senate.

10/07/08 update: Two new polls show Jim Martin has put incumbent Saxby Chambliss' once invulnerable seat in jeopardy.

10/11/08 update: A new Insider Advantage poll shows Jim Martin has pulled into a 45% - 45% tie with Saxby Chambliss. This race is DEFINITELY winnable! Please give generously.

10/15/08 update: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has endorsed Jim Martin for U.S. Senate.

For more info, visit Martin for Senate

Image of Bruce Lunsford

Bruce Lunsford


Bruce Lunsford is challenging Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell. While McConnell started the race in a strong position, three recent polls show Lunsford closing the gap significantly. Should McConnell lose this race, it would signal a sea change in Kentucky politics and would shake the Republican congressional leadership to its core.

For more information, check out Bruce Lunsford for U.S. Senate.

Image of Tom Allen

Tom Allen


Bucking both President Bush and the leadership of his own party, Rep Tom Allen (D-ME) courageously voted against the 2002 congressional resolution to authorize war in Iraq. And he has maintained that opposition as a vocal and active opponent of our involvement in Iraq. Tom has also fought for fiscally responsible budget policies that invest in people and communities. As an advocate for clean air and reliable, affordable energy, he supports a new national energy policy that would decrease our reliance on foreign oil while encouraging innovation and conservation.

While his opponent Sen Susan Collins (R-ME) is one of the more moderate members of the Republican Party (admittedly not a difficult task these days), she still votes for the Bush agenda on far too many occasions. It's time to promote Tom Allen to the US Senate and put a unapologetic progressive into this seat.

For more info, visit Tom Allen U.S. Senate

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Former SNL comedic star and progressive talk radio show host Al Franken is challenging freshman incumbent Sen Norm Coleman (R-MN). Coleman has consistently voted against all efforts to change Iraq war policy, despite mounting pressure from constituents. While working to end the war in Iraq is the centerpiece of Franken's effort, he espouses a range of populist views consistent with Minnesota's history of heartland progressivism: education, health care, renewable energy and workers' rights.

Norm Coleman will have a difficult time escaping his record of support for the policies of George W. Bush if we give Al Franken the resources to get the truth out. Coleman's record does not honor the seat's previous occupant, the late Sen Paul Wellstone. Support Al Franken's effort to return this seat to its rightful progressive roots.

10/04/08 update: A new poll published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune shows Al Franken has opened up a 9 point lead in his race against incumbent Norm Coleman (R-MN).

For more info, visit Al Franken for U.S. Senate.

Image of Scott Kleeb

Scott Kleeb


Dynamic. Energetic. Accomplished. After completing grad school at Yale, Scott returned to Nebraska and ran for the state's 3rd congressional district seat in 2006, garnering 45% of the vote in a district where John Kerry won just 22% two years earlier. He's now running for the open seat created by the retirement of Sen Chuck Hagel (R-NE). His opponent is former Secretary of Agriculture and governor Mike Johanns. So while the odds are long, never count Scott out. To see why, check out Scott's latest TV commercial.

For more info, visit

Image of Tom Udall

Tom Udall


Fomer NM attorney general and 5-term Congressman Tom Udall represents NM's northern most 3rd district and is running for the open Senate seat created by the retirement of Pete Domenici (R-NM). Udall originally passed on the opportunity to run for the seat, but was convinced to take another look by a 'Draft Udall' movement. An attentive politician, Udall has missed only 150 of 6,392 votes or 2 percenet since January 1999, according to the GovTrack website. He wrote and passed a bill to establish a national renewable energy standard and voted against the war in Iraq. He represents the type of principled, progressive voice we desperately need in the Senate.

10/08/08 update: According to a poll of polls, Udall holds a 54.9% to 40.1% lead over challenger Steve Pearce.

For more info, visit Tom Udall U.S. Senate

Image of Jeanne Shaheen

Jeanne Shaheen


The first woman ever elected governor of New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen faces off against incumbent Sen John Sunnunu (R-NH). After serving three terms as governor, Jeanne became the director of Harvard University's Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government. Ever a champion of middle class families, she has focused on education affordability, job creation, and corporate accountability. Her focus on the economy led to the creation of 67,000 new jobs during her tenure, boosting NH to third in the nation for high-tech employment.

Her opponent, Sen Sununu, has voted with President Bush over 90% of the time. It's past time to give NH the forward-looking, independent voice it deserves. Support Jeanne Shaheen!

10/08/08 update: A SurveyUSA poll of 647 likely voters conducted October 4-5 shows Shaheen leading Sununu by a margin of 48% to 40%.

For more info, visit Jeanne Shaheen U.S. Senate

Image of Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan


State Senator Kay Hagan faces incumbent Sen Liddy Dole (R-NC). The Liddy Dole who wanted to re-name the Tom Lantos and Henry J. Hyde US Global Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Reauthorization Act of 2008 after JESSE HELMS. The Liddy Dole who enshrined virulently anti-gay policies as head of the Red Cross. The Liddy Dole who was recently ranked 93rd in effectiveness as a senator by the congressional data service Knowlegis. The Liddy Dole who has voted with George Bush 92% of the time over the past 5 years. Yes.....THAT Liddy Dole.

North Carolina deserves better. Help Kay Hagan win this seat and continue her work as a champion for NC's working families.

9/10/08 update: Kay Hagan has moved into a 43%-42% lead over Dole. With the incumbent polling well BELOW 50%, this race is definitely winnable for Kay Hagan.

9/23/08 update: A new Public Policy Polling survey shows Kay Hagan opening up a 46%-41% lead over Liddy Dole.

9/30/08 update: Just days before the collapse of Bear Stearns, Liddy Dole introduced legislation to reduce regulatory controls and oversight on some finanacial institutions. A few days later, she received a $2500 contribution from Bear Stearns."

10/18/08: Nine out of ten of the most recent polls show Kay Hagen ahead of incumbent Liddy Dole. Run, Kay, RUN!

For more info, visit Kay Hagan for U.S. Senate

Image of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley


A 10-year veteran of the Oregon House, Jeff Merkley was elected Speaker of the House in 2006 after Democrats won a majority. The Oregonian described Merkley's session as Speaker "Oregon's most productive in a generation." And rightfully so. Under his tenure, the state created a 'rainy day' fund to protect public schools against economic downturns, increased funding for both public schools and state universities, outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in housing and in the workplace and granted same-sex couples with state-granted rights.

Merkley's opponent, incumbent Sen Gordon Smith (R-OR), is running as Barack Obama's new best friend. Nice try, Sen Smith, but you've got some explaining to do. When it really mattered, Sen Smith was solidly behind George W. Bush. Don't allow him to fool the people of Oregon into thinking otherwise....give Jeff Merkley the resources he needs to get the truth out.

10/08/08 update: A Research 2000 poll of likely voters shows Jeff Merkley has opened up a 45% to 40% lead over incumbent Senator Gordon Smith. Significantly, this poll shows a 7% gain for Merkley and a 7% decline for Smith since the last poll in August.

10/13/08 update: CQ Politics reports Smith Faltering in Oregon, Democrat Merkley's Chances Brighten". Even though Smith led Merkley in the most recent financial report (June 39, 2008) in cash on hand, Merkley can definitely win this race if he can raise the cash to finish strongly.

For more info, visit Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senate

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


Lt Colonel Rick Noriega is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and a member of the Texas House since 1999. Persuaded to run against Big Oil pawn John Cornyn (R-TX) by a draft movement of online and offline TX activists, Rick will bring a much-needed concern for everyday citizens to the US Senate.

In contrast, John Cornyn has received over $450,000 in oil contributions during the 110th Congress ALONE more than twice as much as the next Senator on the list. Rick needs our help in raising money to fight back and respresent the everyday concerns of Texans. He deserves our support.

10/06/08 update: According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, Rick has closed the gap to just 7 points, 50-43. Cornyn is DEFINITELY vulnerable.

10/18/08 update: A second poll confirms that Rick Noriega is within striking distance of John Cornyn, trailing the incumbent by merely 6%....50%-44%.

For more info, visit Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate

Image of DSCC


The DSCC's sole mission its to insure that Democratic candidates have the resources available to compete and win in US Senate elections all across the country.

For more information, visit the DSCC website.

Image of Progressive Patriots Fund

Progressive Patriots Fund

Sen Russ Feingold (D-WI) says it best: "The Progressive Patriots Fund is dedicated to promoting a progressive reform agenda and supporting candidates across the country."

For more information, visit the Progressive Patriots Fund website.

Equality for All

Support "No on Proposition 8" to insure that marriage equality is preserved for ALL California citizens.

10/08/08 update: Two new polls show that support FOR Prop 8 has surged due to a massive wave of false advertising. Proponents of the proposition are FALSELY claiming that churches will be REQUIRED to perform gay marriages, which is PATENTLY FALSE. SO please donate generously to protect marriage equality in California. And remember, vote NO on Prop 8.

For more information, visit the "No on Prop 8 website.

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