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As Election Day draws near, I still have trouble believing that I am the guy carrying the hopes of so many on my back. The 8 to 5 window salesman who makes 11 bucks an hour, who has a leaky roof, who drives a rickety old Chevy Impala with close to 200,000 miles on it, and whose favorite article of clothing is a hat with sweat and dirt stains on it. Hey, it shows character. Not to mention hard work.

I filed as a Write In Candidate for Missouri's 9th Congressional District Representative because I feel that everyday people like me have less than a fighting chance with our current representation. I was also disappointed with the state Democratic Party for not fielding a candidate for folks to have an actual choice when they step inside that booth on November 2nd. I am sorry, nobody was excited to either vote for a candidate who has done absolutely nothing of use for the people of his district or not vote for our representative at all. Our district is quite diverse, and people are thirsting for actual representation out here, and not just top-down Republican talking points that are being shovel fed to them. As a lifetime resident of Moberly, the past decade has been particularity hard to watch. Companies and jobs, shutting their doors, shifting operations overseas. This has hit too close to home. Friends, family, neighbors. You name it. The policies of the past, have destroyed Main St. America. I can not and will not sit by and watch this go on any longer.

As a lifelong member of the working class, or what is left of it, I have seen my hourly wages come to a halt while corporate CEOs that run their companies into the ground make millions for a salary and millions more in bonus pay. I have seen my friends lose the jobs they have held for decades to Chinese workers that will do their jobs for pennies a day. I have seen my health care coverage costs skyrocket even though I have never been sick and have always carried coverage and protected myself. I have been hit with unfair hidden fees by banks. I have talked to a friend who has lost his brother in Iraq, and we still don’t know the real reason for the war that resulted in his sacrifice there. I purchased a home that is now probably worth about half of what I bought it for.

I am just 29 years old. I am to young to be this tired.

Two stories stick out to me in my travels over the past couple of years. I carry them with me everyday, because they are a sobering glimpse at what could be on the way if we do not make a stand right here and now.

One is the story that Governor Jay Nixon told about an assembly line worker for lawn mower engines. The kid was about my age, had worked on the same line for his entire life; it was the only job he had ever held. It was a good job. It provided for him and his young family. One day, the young man came into work and was asked to help a video crew film his day to day activities on the job. The young man, thinking nothing of it, obliged. The video crew followed the young man around all day as he went about and performed his work. The next week, the young man was laid off from his job. The company was shutting its doors and shipping its operations overseas. The young man had just starred in a training video about how to do his job for overseas workers that would be doing it in a couple of weeks.

The other story is of a young single mother I met while doing door to door work for the Obama Campaign in 2008. She had just gotten home from a long day at work from a fast food company. She had just picked up her two little kids from her mother’s house. She was worn out, but she had enough time to talk to me about the candidate I was supporting. We made small talk on a couple of issues, but once we started discussing health care, she got very emotional. She worked full time, making minimum wage, and in the day-to-day costs of living and providing for her two young children, she was unable to afford health care coverage. She asked me with tears in her eyes if my guy would be able to get a health care system in place that would work for them; something that would help them. I assured her, he would. And he did.

I feel a personal obligation to keep my promise to this young woman. With every ounce of energy in my body, I am going to ensure that the Republican Party has ZERO chance of repealing this monumental legislation for her and millions like her. It is too important, to too many people. In fact, I want the chance to improve on it and perfect it for every American. I supported a public option. Eventually, we will get a public option in this country.

I hold these stories close to my heart because, well, this is every one of us. This is Missouri's 9th District. We get up in the morning, we pour a hot cup of coffee and we try the best we can. We don't need anyone making it any harder on us. I think of the decade of Republican leadership we just emerged from as like going through a tornado. The sky gets black, all hell breaks loose for a couple of minutes, our lives are scattered and torn about, we wonder what we are going to emerge to see. But after the storm, the sky opens up, the sun shines through, people emerge to access the damage, and offer to lend a helping hand to a neighbor. We begin to put our lives back together, piece by piece. That is what we are beginning to do now. We are moving past the catastrophic policies of the Republican Party of the 2000's. We are beginning to create jobs here in America again. Take a look at the manufacturing sector. Growing. We are beginning to make real advances in clean energy. Millions of Americans who did not have access to health care can now seek the care they need without having to worry about filing bankruptcy from health care bills. Banks can no longer charge hidden and outrageous fees on overdraft charges and jack up your credit card interest rates overnight. We are picking up the pieces. And we are just beginning.

I am not the perfect candidate. I never pretended to be. I don't have a degree from a prestigious university. I have no inside connections. But I believe I am better suited to understand what you are going through and what you would like to see in a Representative than Blaine Luetkemeyer is. A Write In vote for Jeff Reed ensures you are going to get a candidate that knows what it is like to sit at the dinner table and worry about your job being there the next day. A Write In vote for Jeff Reed, means you are going to get a representative interested more in working for the people of this district, than the special interests and Washington D.C. lobbying groups. A Write In vote for Jeff Reed, is a vote for the little guy, running a grassroots campaign, standing up to big money, big politics, and big corporate influence.

Your Write In vote just could be the difference.

Thank You,

Jeff Reed Progressive Democrat, Write In Candidate, Missouri's 9th Congressional District

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