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Virginia is a blue state. It voted for Warner, Kaine, Webb & Obama. But this November Virginia is in danger of electing Republican Bob McDonnell. WWFV was formed to educate voters about McDonnell’s extreme anti-woman views and record. Your help is urgently needed.

McDonnell has an anti-woman record, voting against better day care, against equal pay, and against access to birth control.

In the thesis he wrote at 34, McDonnell outlines his vision in great detail. He calls working women “materialistic” and “detrimental to the family.” He says day care does “moral harm.” He says “all levels of government” should create a protected legal class for in-tact families, to ensure no “special rights” go to single mothers.

These views are far out of the mainstream. So we’re taking action. We started a Facebook group. And real Virginia women from all walks of life came together to make the ad below.

Help us put our ad on the air in Northern Virginia by donating today. Let's hold Bob McDonnell accountable for his extreme views.

Working Women for Virginia

WWFV is raising money to educate voters about McDonnell's extreme views on women.

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