Pedestrian Xing

by Harlan Rotblatt

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Friends! Help re-elect President Obama, and create a Democratic majority in the House and Senate to get things done for all of us! The Republicans want to protect the same system of unregulated greed that caused the financial meltdown, they want to wreck the landmark Affordable Care Act, and they were willing to put America into default for the sake of the 1%. Can we stop them? Can we instead ensure that the work begun in Obama's first term grows and flourishes, that the Affordable Care Act is robustly implemented, and that we continue to invest in workers, students, and our future? Yes We Can! Your support is vital to our democracy -- please donate today! If not here, then elsewhere on this great site, or directly to candidates and Democratic associations. Thanks!

ActBlue provides a unique way for us all to make our voices echo in the corridors of power. Please support them with a 10% tip when you contribute.

Image of Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Need I say anything? Keep Barack in the White House! But please also contribute to the Congressional candidates here, so we have a Congress that will work with Obama to get things done for all of us! And check out this great video, "Why Obama Now":

Image of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren


Let's help MA recover from their temporary Republican insanity. Warren is awesome, and was one of the best financial reform, "Main Street over Wall Street" voices in the Obama White House. The obstructionist Repubs blocked her from being head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- let her give them hell every day on the Senate floor! She must not lose!

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


Tester is in a super tight race to keep his MT seat -- he's up by less than 1% (composite polling as of 9/29), and MT is likely going for Romney in the presidential. Let's keep this Senate seat blue!

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


This is a close race, with MO Incumbent McCaskill running against Mr. Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin. This race is currently a toss-up (9/29)! Keep Claire in the Senate, and keep this seat blue!

Image of Heidi Heitkamp

Heidi Heitkamp


This is the seat left open by outgoing ND Dem Kent Conrad. It's close -- Heidi is leading by just 4 pts as of 9/29 (composite polling), and this state is likely going heavily for Romney in the presidential race. Let's keep this seat blue!

Image of Joe Donnelly

Joe Donnelly


This is the IN seat that was held for years by Republican Richard Lugar. But the tea baggers threw Lugar out in the primary because he voted too often with Democrats! Rep. Joe Donnelly can win this -- actually has him up over Mourdock by more than 2% (composite polling) as of 9/29! Let's turn this red seat blue!

Image of Richard Carmona

Richard Carmona


This AZ senate race is to replace outgoing Republican Sen. Jon Kyl. Carmona is a former Surgeon General, and he's within striking distance. Composite polling as of 9/29 shows the Republican candidate, Flake (that's his name!) leading by 4 pts, but this pick-up is possible! This race getting a lot of national attention, with Bill Clinton set to speak for Carmona on the 10th. Let's take this seat for the Democrats, right in red state AZ!

Image of Ami Bera

Ami Bera


Dan Lungren (R) beat Bera in 2010, but that old district is gone -- the new redrawn district is less conservative, and Bera can take it. Currently a dead heat. Let's pick up this seat for the Dems!

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


Murphy is running against GOP stalwart wacko Allen West (who claimed in April that 80 Democrats in the House are members of the Communist party). It's very close. We can take this seat - give Murphy your support!

Image of Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez


Former astronaut Jose Hernandez is running against GOP freshman Jeff Denham. This is a great pick-up opportunity! Give Hernandez your support!

Image of Ann McLane Kuster

Ann McLane Kuster


This tight race is a rematch from 2010, where Charlie Bass beat Kuster by one point. This is Dem district -- let's get it back! Latest polling shows Kuster up just one point (Daily Kos, 10/5) -- help Annie stay ahead through election day!

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