Contribute Now to Watch "Yacht Party": Make the Match!

by Courage Campaign


Thank you for making the match! To help us air "Yacht Party" in more areas of California, please continue to contribute. ------ California is in crisis, facing a massive $16 billion budget deficit. And California Republican Assembly members are unanimously supporting an appalling loophole in our state's tax code that allows the super-rich to avoid paying sales taxes on...


Still blinking in disbelief? Watch this 30-second "Yacht Party" ad the Courage Campaign produced with our friends at Agit Pop Communications (with help from Design-O-Matic):

As of Monday afternoon, 335 donors stepped up to the challenge, raising $11,023 combined on ActBlue and our web site, surpassing our first goal. Now, because of your generosity, we just bought time on Sacramento cable to air "Yacht Party" this Wednesday on CNN, MSNBC, the Daily Show and Colbert Report -- an action that has attracted media attention across California.

The news gets even better:

Your people-powered response to our re-framing of the Republicans has inspired the members of United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW) and Speaker Fabian Nunez to get on board.

But there's a catch. It's a match. If the Courage Campaign community can raise $5,000 more in the next 48 hours, Speaker Nunez and SEIU-UHW will each donate $5,000 as well, tripling the power of your donation.

And, if our Courage Campaign community can make this $5,000 match, we can expand the ad buy to specific districts where California Republican "Yacht Party" Assembly members are most vulnerable.

Can you chip in $25, $50, $75, $150 or more on ActBlue to fund our "Yacht Party" ad campaign no later than Thursday at 12 p.m.?

Thank you for helping us make 2008 a new era for progressive politics in California.

The Courage Campaign is uniting with the netroots and the grassroots to build people-powered online infrastructure in California. One way we're building progressive infrastructure is by using and supporting ActBlue, the online community tool that empowers anyone to fundraise online for progressive candidates and causes.

If you can contribute to the Courage Campaign, please consider giving a 5% or 10% tip to ActBlue on the next page.

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