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Young leaders today; powerful national leaders tomorrow.

People For the American Way Action Fund is targeting key races where young, progressive candidates are already making a difference. All of these candidates are fighting hard to win in November and they need your support right now. These are races where even a small contribution can make a difference, so, please give today!

Image of Daniel Biss

Daniel Biss


Daniel Biss knew exactly what he was getting into when he decided to challenge an entrenched conservative incumbent. But he also knows how to win with a progressive message. His aggressive, nimble campaign has earned him national attention, and with your support he’s on his way to victory in November.

Image of Maria Chappelle-Nadal

Maria Chappelle-Nadal


Maria Chappelle-Nadal has worked hard to protect choice and public education in Missouri. She’s worked to keep down medical costs and ensure that families and the elderly in her state can afford life saving medications.

Image of Tricia Cotham

Tricia Cotham


A former teacher who has twice been honored as Teacher of the Year, Tricia Cotham is the youngest member in the House and the youngest woman to ever hold public office in North Carolina. As a legislator, her priorities include education, children’s issues, safety, globalization, and equality.

Image of Elesha Gayman

Elesha Gayman


In 2006, Elesha Gayman’s victory against an anti-choice, anti-gay incumbent helped to flip the state legislature from red to blue. Gayman has been a champion of progressive values, and she’s earned our support.

Image of Isadore Hall

Isadore Hall


As the youngest ever President of the Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees and a two term city councilman, Isadore Hall has the resume to go to the state house. Even better, he has the vision. Isadore is committed to social justice issues, and your support can make a huge difference in a tight race.

Image of Jason Holsman

Jason Holsman


Elected in 2006, Jason Holsman is committed to education and environmental issues. He stood up to anti-choice activists trying to reclassify family planning drugs as controlled substances, and earned the title “Legislator of the Year” in 2007.

Image of Kevin Killer

Kevin Killer


As an organizer, Kevin Killer has been active in South Dakota politics for years -- and he’s been a friend of People For for almost as long! A graduate of People For Foundation’s Front Line Leaders Academy, Kevin has shown himself as a strong leader and a rising star in the progressive movement.

Kevin just won his primary but has a tough general election ahead of him in a massive district nearly the size of New Jersey!

Image of Chris King

Chris King


Chris King’s narrow election in 2006 was a big win for progressives and brought a pro-choice, pro-public education voice into the Pennsylvania House. Now Arlen Specter and the Pennsylvania GOP establishment want the seat back, and they are working hard on behalf of King’s challenger, Frank Farry.

Image of Jessica King

Jessica King


Jessica King is a true progressive running in a conservative district, but as a member of the Common Council, she’s shown that she’s got what it takes to win. With your support, she can take her pro-choice, pro-public education, pro-civil rights voice to the State Senate.

Image of Tamara Grigsby

Tamara Grigsby


Trained as a social worker, Tamara Grigsby has worked for her state’s most vulnerable citizens. Deeply committed to civil justice for all, Grigsby has stood up against constitutional amendments that would have enshrined discrimination and raised barriers to the ballot box.

Image of David Litvack

David Litvack


David Litvack has been a proud progressive voice in a deep red state and has risen to become Minority Caucus Manager in the Utah House. He’s worked to protect equal treatment for all Utah citizens, standing against attacks on public education, choice, and the LGBT community.

Image of Scott Merrick

Scott Merrick


Scott Merrick was first elected in 2004 with a commitment to promote public education and environmental sustainability. Since then, he’s worked hard and risen to Assistant Majority Floor leader, and stood firm for his progressive ideals.

Image of Janet Petersen

Janet Petersen


Janet Petersen makes clear that family values are progressive values. A crusader for children, she’s committed herself to issues relating to education and child development. She’s earned the support of the labor movement and she’s fought to protect women’s right to choose.

Image of Carl Sciortino

Carl Sciortino

MA-HD-Middlesex 34

Since he defeated an anti-gay incumbent in 2004 Rep. Sciortino has stayed true to the progressive values he ran on. In Boston he’s fought hard to protect marriage equality for all and to deliver for his district. He already fought off a tough primary challenger, and now he needs your help to win in November

Image of Rachel Shattuck

Rachel Shattuck


A native of Elgin, Illinois, Rachel Shattuck is a pro-choice, pro-public education progressive activist who’s committed to making government more responsive to the needs of citizens. Shattuck is challenging Rep. Timothy Schmitz, an anti-choice, anti-stem cell research Republican.

Image of Kendall Van Dyk

Kendall Van Dyk


Pro-choice, pro-public education, and a staunch advocate of human rights, Kendall Van Dyk is dedicated to getting young people more involved in civic life from the ground up. This November, he is facing a tough challenge from anti-choice activist Kassidy Olson.

Image of People for the American Way Action Fund

People for the American Way Action Fund

People For the American Way Action Fund is advancing the progressive movement by helping progressives get elected at every level. We research and tell you about the races where your dollars will have the most impact. Whether it's turning state legislatures "blue" in advance of the next round of redistricting, or putting the young candidates in office who will lead America to a more progressive future, we''ll help make sure your contributions are strategic and effective.

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