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Donate now to help Democrats win!
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Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
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Help Elizabeth Warren win!
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
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Democracy for America
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Stand with Jeff Merkley
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Progressive Change Campaign Committee
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Help us FIGHT for a constitutional am...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
984 $14,168.72
Help make this candidate training a h...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
591 $20,139.00
Chip in for our largest online ad cam...
547 $14,048.50
Jim Kenney for Mayor
304 $125,019.00
No more Wall Street insiders
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Fundraising for Elect Sefatia Romeo T...
2 $150.00
Fund raising
43rd Ward Unity 2015
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Stand with Emmanuel
Bay Area Democrats for Ben Ray Lujan
Contribute Now to Linda Underwood for...
Linda Underwood
Join Us for a Fall Kickoff Meet & Gre...
Tell the world's biggest PR Firm: Sto...
Revolting Against Plutocracy
Campaign Kick Off
Ryan Koch for State Representative