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Donate now to help Democrats win!
112,248 $2,938,765.07
Contribute now to Daily Kos
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Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,560 $914,561.60
Help Elizabeth Warren win!
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
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Democracy for America
37,754 $963,205.62
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Stand with Jeff Merkley
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Contribute Now to Support the Wiscons... Political Action
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Progressive Change Campaign Committee
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Help CREDO SuperPAC Save the Senate
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Help defend Net Neutrality in court
1,083 $15,237.00
Support Working Families today!
826 $24,853.13
Help defend Net Neutrality in court
638 $13,310.20
Thank you for adding your name to sta...
172 $2,241.00
Thanks for taking action!
157 $1,248.00
Julie Jakopic for Delegate
108 $11,439.00
An Event to Support Delegate Marc Korman
30 $2,975.00
Sara Townsend for Virginia House of D...
26 $2,990.00
Donate $5 to our National Participato...
4 $83.00
Rhonda Fields for State Senate
Rhonda Fields
2 $200.00

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1 $10.00
Sanctuary City
Manuel Medina, BCDP Chair
3rd Annual SCDCC Awards Dinner
Solano DCC
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June 28th Reception with Senator Blum...
Contribute today!
Friends of Jared Solomon
Cleveland County Oklahoma Democrats
Chip in today to send progressive wom...
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