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Donate now to help Democrats win!
113,446 $2,964,330.20
Contribute now to Daily Kos
97,160 $1,434,720.80
Contribute Now to stop the Republican...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,560 $914,561.60
Help Elizabeth Warren win!
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,523 $1,014,703.76
Contribute Now to Fight back in Wisco...
Democracy for America
37,754 $963,205.62
Contribute Now to Orange to Blue 2012
33,543 $1,165,980.83
Stand with Jeff Merkley
33,477 $1,215,126.88
Contribute Now to Support the Wiscons... Political Action
30,374 $993,850.72
Contribute Now to the official PCCC W...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
29,213 $548,167.29
Help CREDO SuperPAC Save the Senate
28,605 $749,281.73

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Our top goal is moving big, bold, Eli...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
12,505 $167,892.31
Contribute now to Bernie Sanders for ...
3,530 $112,578.89
Joe Sestak is Walking in Your Shoes
2,496 $342,111.66
Help us FIGHT for a constitutional am...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
482 $6,978.00
Thank you for taking action!
291 $2,037.50
Contribute to Friends of Rebecca Lynch
Friends of Rebecca Lynch
95 $9,678.00
Contribute now to People for the Amer...
59 $1,046.00
Contribute Today!
58 $1,030.00
Bernie Sanders 2016 - Ideas Welcome
Cameron Swisher
33 $1,015.00
Kirk Bangstad for Congress
9 $14,800.00

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9th Annual Patricia Schroeder Dinner
1 $1,000.00
Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign...
John Syrett Lobster Bake - 2015
Send Collin County Young Democrats to...
2015 Ann Richards Gala
Texas for Bernie
Stand with Bernie
Jonathan Ripperger
Bernie Sanders For President
Lafayette Fundraiser @ LaTriomphe Cou...
Pensacola Loves Bernie