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Support President Obama's Agenda
60,827 $1,137,941.41
Contribute Now to stop the Republican...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,551 $914,291.60
Help Elizabeth Warren win!
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,503 $1,013,549.76
Contribute Now to Fight back in Wisco...
Democracy for America
37,753 $963,200.62
Contribute Now to Orange to Blue 2012
33,540 $1,165,405.83
Contribute Now to Defeat Tea Party Re...
30,709 $872,436.93
Contribute Now to Support the Wiscons... Political Action
30,374 $993,850.72
Contribute Now to the official PCCC W...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
29,213 $548,167.29
Contribute Now to our TV ad to recall...
PCCC Recall Committee & DFA Wisconsin
28,269 $658,181.84
Contribute Now to win in Wisconsin an...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
27,233 $543,011.86

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Contribute Now to Jeff Merkley
25,037 $839,139.15
Stop the Republican War on the Poor
803 $8,644.00
Fight for a more progressive Supreme ...
667 $8,631.29
Justice for Marissa Alexander
417 $5,669.50
Stop the Corporate Tax Giveaways
417 $10,471.62
Contribute now to expand Social Security
401 $6,609.00
293 $5,036.00
True to Colorado
84 $2,599.00
Support Dan Robinson for the Wisconsi...
Dan Robinson
18 $1,550.00
Pitch in for global warming solutions
Rob Moir
2 $125.00

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Thanks for signing - now take the nex...
4 $100.00
Boston Fundraiser for Mike Lake at Lir
Join Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Celebra...
Stanton Dodge Breakfast 4-28
Elect a DFA Superstar!
Democracy for America
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Every corner
Join Rep. Donna Edwards: Celebrate 10...
Tell the GOP: Stop the Obstructionism
Elect Sherrie Taha Iowa Secretary of ...
I Vote for Women | U.S. Women's Chamb...