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Donate now to help Democrats win!
107,156 $2,834,044.05
Contribute now to Daily Kos
65,711 $1,014,500.87
Contribute Now to stop the Republican...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,559 $914,536.60
Help Elizabeth Warren win!
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,516 $1,014,405.76
Contribute Now to Fight back in Wisco...
Democracy for America
37,754 $963,205.62
Contribute Now to Orange to Blue 2012
33,543 $1,165,980.83
Stand with Jeff Merkley
32,940 $1,196,440.66
Contribute Now to Support the Wiscons... Political Action
30,374 $993,850.72
Contribute Now to the official PCCC W...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
29,213 $548,167.29
Help CREDO SuperPAC Save the Senate
28,605 $744,094.67

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1,580 $239,017.70
Stop the Republican War on Voting
1,566 $17,831.73
Help defeat Mayor 1%!
Working Families
448 $6,658.26
Friends of New Organizing Institute
380 $22,418.50
Let's win this fight
361 $194,522.07
Drown Out The Smears
262 $4,567.00
Thanks for standing with President Obama
190 $2,662.50
New Trier Democrats
Nelson Howard
35 $4,210.00
Blue in the Heart of Collin County
Democratic Party of Collin County
33 $275.00
Jane Raybould for Lincoln City Council
11 $1,450.00

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Donate to Canada Crescenta Democratic...
Give to Help Kyrsten Sinema!
Thank you for helping us show Sen. Mi...
Contribute Now to the Ohio Democratic...
Maryann Hueston for Ward 2
Gwen Graham Tallahassee Event
Gwen Graham Event at Hannibal's
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Stand with Jeff Merkley