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Support President Obama's Agenda
60,816 $1,143,429.91
Contribute Now to stop the Republican...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,551 $914,291.60
Help Elizabeth Warren win!
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
38,503 $1,013,549.76
Contribute Now to Fight back in Wisco...
Democracy for America
37,753 $963,200.62
Contribute Now to Orange to Blue 2012
33,540 $1,165,405.83
Contribute Now to Defeat Tea Party Re...
31,743 $895,480.86
Contribute Now to Support the Wiscons... Political Action
30,374 $993,850.72
Contribute Now to the official PCCC W...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
29,213 $548,167.29
Contribute Now to our TV ad to recall...
PCCC Recall Committee & DFA Wisconsin
28,269 $658,181.84
Contribute Now to win in Wisconsin an...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
27,233 $543,011.86

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Contribute Now to Jeff Merkley
25,290 $851,193.65
Contribute now to Daily Kos
Daily Kos
10,599 $139,100.00
Contribute now to Daily Kos for filib...
Daily Kos
3,710 $47,169.78
Help CREDO SuperPAC Save the Senate
1,549 $36,757.14
Keep up the great work
867 $15,883.00
253 $5,345.00
Donate To The Other 98%
137 $1,986.00
Stop the Republican War on Obamacare
56 $607.00
Judy Solano for State Senate, Distric...
37 $3,535.00
URGENT: Budget Deadline
22 $356.00

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Help us respond to the RGA's disgusti...
10 $270.00
2nd Annual Cultivating Leaders Awards
Itzel C. Perez
Gene Rauhala Campaign Kickoff
Fundraiser for Maura Healey - May 5!
2014 DPDC Golf Outing
Jim Page for Michigan House
Chip in to help us buy some more yard...
Take the politics out of law enforcem...
Get your copy of Elizabeth Warren's n...
Four polls show Mark and Congressman ...