Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Help us reach our $50,000 quarterly f...
1,766 $56,994.02
Help win the next progressive victory
1,403 $91,961.70
Help us support progressive Senate ca...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
1,315 $33,533.12
Holding onto our advantage
ActBlue Technical Services
1,147 $40,398.93
Help us Respond to The Attacks
882 $32,652.97
Heroes of the month!
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
816 $23,138.30
Here's the plan. Can you chip in $3 t...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
759 $11,504.00
Holding onto our advantage
ActBlue Technical Services
707 $54,175.30
Help re-elect Tammy Duck...
606 $15,614.50
Help VoteVets send Seth Moulton to Co...
514 $11,013.00
Hold the line in Virginia
Democracy for America
380 $9,639.18
Help us start off right
326 $11,226.00
Help Elect Gary Peters f...
315 $7,701.55
Help us respond to RNC robocall attacks
203 $5,048.00
Hold the line in Virginia
Democracy for America
199 $4,467.00
Help us raise $5,000 to keep our new ...
185 $7,335.00
He's in. Let's win
147 $3,698.00
Hold Senate Republicans Accountable f...
Chris Larson
143 $4,148.00
Help us Respond To The Attacks!
117 $1,843.00
HMP Rapid Reponse Fund
Dickey Lee Hullinghorst
109 $6,996.00
Help us reach our goal by March 31!
109 $6,918.00
Help Us Win!
83 $2,944.00
Help us reach our goal by May 31!
77 $1,650.00
Help us start off strong
Lois Frankel for Congress
76 $3,983.00
Help Us Secure a Campaign Headquarters!
71 $4,853.89
Help Vincent keep up the momentum!
69 $5,095.00
Help us Reach our $40,000 Goal!
Save Our City College
62 $3,484.00
Help us Respond to The Attacks!
60 $1,712.00
Help us Respond To The Tea Party Shut...
58 $1,163.00
Help us Win a Democratic Majority in ...
57 $1,375.00
Heroes and Villains
Democracy for America
51 $648.00
Help us top our goal before our deadl...
50 $2,729.00
Help us re-air this ad in Kentucky
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
40 $652.00
Henry for State House: Washington Event
35 $2,245.00
Help us reach our goal by April 30!
33 $2,328.13
Hold the line in Virginia
Democracy for America
29 $660.00
Help us reach our July budget goal
27 $1,118.00
Help us Reach Our Final Deadline!
Colin Van Ostern
26 $1,100.00
Help us stay on the air
25 $3,190.00
High Desert Dinner 2010
Cochise County Democratic Committee
23 $2,465.00
Help Wendy hit the ground running!
23 $1,180.00
Hold the line in Virginia
Democracy for America
21 $797.00
Help Us Win Upcoming Special Elections
19 $721.00
Hog Wild
Citizens for Joe Moore
19 $4,750.00
Help Us Win Back The Majority!
19 $975.00
Help us stop David Vitter
17 $440.00
Hold the line in Virginia
Democracy for America
17 $586.00
Help us take back the House
16 $1,351.00
Help us raise $5,600!
16 $1,573.00
High Desert Dinner
Cochise County Democrats
14 $1,470.00
HMP Fundraiser with Congresswoman DeG...
13 $900.00
Henderson County Democratic HQ
13 $500.00
Help us run ads pressuring spineless ...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
13 $562.00
Hendricks for Delegate
Friends of Jasper Hendricks
12 $815.00
Help us respond to the RGA's disgusti...
11 $280.00
Hil and Kip's Party for Betty Yee
Hilary Crosby
11 $1,045.00
Help YDAz Fund our 2013 State Convent...
10 $530.00
Help Working Families elect new progr...
9 $286.00
Help us to combat these attacks!
7 $345.00
Help Us Reach Our Goal!
6 $295.00
Henry's OnLine Birthday Party
Henry Yanez
6 $182.60
Help Virginia Democrats fight back!
6 $275.00
Help us reach our One-Year-Out goal!
5 $88.00
Hendricks for Delegate - Richmond Fun...
Friends of Jasper Hendricks
4 $600.00
Help wish Janice a happy birthday!
4 $110.00
Help us send Carl Sciortino to Congress
4 $85.00
Hidalgo County Democratic Women Annua...
Leslie Gower
3 $800.00
Help Us Reach $3,000 by Tuesday
Justin Pluess
2 $140.00
Help us win the 82nd District seat!
2 $350.00
Help us stand up to all the outside m...
1 $250.00
Help us reach our goal
1 $25.00
High Tea With Winifred
Committee To Elect Winifred Dajani fo...
1 $100.00
Hinckley Allen Fundraiser
Hickenlooper Contribution Page
Hickory Breakfast Reception
Cal Cunningham For U.S. Senate
Henry Sobanet for Hickenlooper
Help Wesley Protect Unions
Friends of Wesley Reed
Help Vivian Malloy Win Montgomery Cou...
Friends for Vivian Malloy
High School Graduation Reception
Herschel Abbott for Mary Landrieu
Help Vivian Malloy Win...Contribute N...
Vivian Malloy
Start with YES
Help Wesley Support Teachers
Hindu Americans for Manan
Mihir Meghani
James Loduca
Help Vinnie raise funds for the Alame...
Help Valerie raise funds for the Alam...
Help Yogi raise funds for the Alameda...
Help us Take Down Chris Smith!
Help us take back the Colorado House!
ODell for Colorado
Henderson County Democratic Party
Joshua Yarbrough
Help Us Retire Our Debt
Heritage Council
Jennifer Warren
Help Us Reach Our Goal
Melissa Sorenson
Help us reach our $15,000 goal.
Henry's Birthday Fundraiser
Henry Yanez
Hold The Senate
Bryan Bode