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Donate to Demand Progress
1,404 $33,238.74
Donate to Our Fight Back Fund Today
1,225 $68,490.00
Donate to Colin Van Ostern
Van Ostern for New Hampshire
899 $78,404.14
Donate to Barry Finegold
Committee to Elect Barry Finegold
666 $196,505.00
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Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
566 $10,721.00
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427 $16,035.67
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402 $15,436.00
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276 $9,545.00
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274 $11,306.00
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269 $26,285.00
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241 $9,856.56
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232 $21,180.00
Donate to Lois Frankel for Congress
154 $6,931.00
Donate to Defeat Mitch McConnell
Progress Kentucky
140 $5,353.01
Donate to help Joaquin beat his big d...
114 $9,452.00
Donate to Annie Kuster For Congress
109 $4,337.00
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109 $3,219.00
Donate to help us meet our end-of-yea...
103 $1,250.00
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100 $2,163.00
Donate to Defend Reproductive Freedom
93 $2,219.50
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88 $10,225.00
Donate to Jim before midnight on June...
88 $8,276.00
Donate to Pass the California DISCLOS...
California Clean Money Action Fund
84 $4,210.00
Donate to Defeat Anti-Worker Candidat...
62 $801.00
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56 $6,065.00
Donate to help progressives stay on o...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
41 $896.00
Donate to New York City is Not For Sale
35 $2,055.00
Donate now to make sure we beat the G...
33 $410.00
Donate to Climate Kids for Haiyan Relief
33 $2,297.00
Donate to Deb!
Deb Haaland for NM Lt. Gov 2014
33 $3,846.00
Donate to our Building Fund
33 $5,545.00
Donate To Senator Dick Saslaw
21 $1,125.00
Donate to Delores McQuinn's Campaign ...
18 $3,760.00
Donate now to Martin Heinrich
17 $376.00
Donate to Re-elect Dave Young
15 $760.00
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14 $520.00
Donate to Schreck
14 $681.00
Donate to Alex for NY
12 $2,552.00
Donate to General Office Fund
Mary Ginnebaugh
12 $735.00
Donate to Jennifer Florida
12 $810.00
Donate to Joe Lindsey for Delegate
12 $1,650.00
Donate to JYD & Cheer on the Rockies
Jeffco Young Dems
11 $280.00
Donate to Anesa's campaign!
10 $210.00
Donate to my friend Lois!
10 $195.50
Donate Now to Our Ocean Champion: Ala...
9 $300.00
Donate to Common Good VA
9 $2,815.00
Donate Online
8 $575.00
Donate to David T. Keenan!
David T. Keenan
8 $635.00
Donate to Elect Ed and Create Univers...
7 $75.00
Donate to Mike Turner for Ashburn!
7 $630.00
Donate to Sally Morales Havice For Ca...
Sally Morales Havice
7 $857.00
Donate to Brian Kresge
Brian Kresge
6 $247.00
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5 $40.00
Donate Today!
5 $500.00
Donate to our Rapid Response Police A...
5 $1,525.00
Donate Today to Nelson for House
Jeff Nelson
4 $300.00
Donate To Democrat Joseph Roudez for ...
Joseph Roudez
4 $150.00
Donate to GPAD!
Matt Flamm
4 $185.00
Donate to Senator Finegold
Joe Wilkie
4 $1,525.00
Donate to Elect Ed and Create Univers...
3 $65.00
Donate to Lebanon Democrats
3 $75.00
Donate to Mike Lake for Lieutenant Go...
3 $155.00
Donate to Richard for Wisconsin's 56t...
3 $45.00
Donate to Clay for Congress 2016
1 $250.00
Donate to DPOP
1 $250.00
Donate to Elizabeth through Pat!
Pat Tomaino
1 $50.00
Donate to keep sewage out of our oceans
1 $1.00
Donate To Michael Frame
1 $100.00
Donate now to support Pierce Jones fo...
Donate to Barry Finegold
Donate to Barry Finegold
Brian McCarthy
Donate to Bennett for Sheriff
Donate to California Democratic Council
Dr. Michael McQuary, CDC President
Donate to Canada Crescenta Democratic...
Donate to Dave
Donate Today!
Donate Today!
Committee to Elect Carlos Gonzalez
Donate Today!
Donate to Defeat Mitch McConnell
Donate to Demand Progress
Donate to Donna Sellinger
Donna Sellinger
Donate to Friends of Bobby Shriver
Donate to Gagnier for Congress
Donate to help pro-reform candidates ...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
Donate to help us meet our end-of-yea...
Donate to ibn Abdullah for Mayor 2015
Donate to Jaime Harrison for South Ca...
Donate to Jennifer
Donate to Jennifer
Donate to Larry Aguilar, Candidate St...
Donate to Mark Schauer
Donate to Mark Schauer:
Donate to Pass the California DISCLOS...
Donate to Pavel Payano's Campaign - F...
Pavel Payano
Donate to Penny Bernard Schaber
Donate to protect the ocean from raw ...
Donate to Rico Reyes
Donate to Senator Finegold
Donate to South Forward!