Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
In 2014, help us keep fighting for So...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
3,411 $58,161.67
359 $21,525.00
Important deadline: midnight tonight
Joel Gratz, Assembly Democrats
111 $3,332.00
I'm with Dan this year!
74 $8,421.00
Indiana Young Democrats Membership
Laura Naughton
73 $1,210.00
Important deadline
Gretchen Driskell
71 $5,445.00
Inspiring Women: A Tribute to Mayor H...
Nebraska Democratic Women's Caucus
67 $2,830.00
Inauguration Party
El Dorado Democratic Party
63 $2,310.00
I know Dave
Senator Mark Miller
60 $1,001.00
I need your help
Rep. Jill Krowinski
58 $4,220.00
I’m asking for your help for Bill.
49 $843.50
Irish American Democrats Convention P...
Stella O'Leary
40 $6,300.00
Iron Chef 2014
40 $8,305.00
39 $1,798.00
Iron Chef 2013
Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner
35 $8,550.00
Inaugural Gala Event
San Joaquin County Democratic Central...
35 $2,490.00
Inaugural Bus to D.C.
Bar Johnston
34 $3,560.00
Inaugural Anniversary Celebration
Cheshire Democrats
33 $1,315.00
I'm With You Chris!
Friends of Chris Muns
24 $2,780.00
Important Budget Deadline!
21 $1,830.00
iPad Raffle
Floyd County Democratic Central Commi...
20 $285.00
Inside the 2009-2010 Elections: From ...
Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus
18 $1,275.00
I support equality for all!
17 $193.00
15 $760.00
I'm running for re-election and ask f...
Pat Cotham
15 $1,810.00
Iron Chef AD14
Nancy Skinner
15 $2,500.00
Iron Chef
Assemblywoamn Nancy Skinner
15 $2,850.00
Invest in the Missouri House Democrats
14 $693.00
Inequality for All- Philly Premier
Keystone Progress
14 $216.00
Inaugural Ball 2013
Lancaster County Democrats
14 $1,190.00
Island Night
Heidi Hall
12 $500.00
Independence Day Brunch & Fundraiser
Bedford Democratic Committee
10 $1,025.00
Issues Forum 2009
Dutchess County Democrats
10 $204.00
Industry Mixer/Meet & Greet Jason A. ...
9 $504.00
College Democrats of New York
8 $510.00
Independence Weekend FUNraiser
Jason Hodge
8 $525.00
Irwin For New York Senate
7 $1,900.00
I'm With Suzanne Lee!
7 $440.00
I'm with Martha for 2014
David Abromowitz
7 $1,600.00
"Is There A Doctor In The House?"
Dr. Lee Rogers for Congress
6 $1,600.00
6 $362.00
Italian Americans for Domenic Recchia
Italian American Democratic Leadershi...
5 $667.00
Iowa Reception
Dr. Lee Rogers for Congress
5 $1,800.00
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones
The Democratic Party of Siskiyou County
5 $200.00
I Like Mike
Ben Matheson
5 $1,001.00
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
Kwame Raoul
5 $15,500.00
Innovators for Immigration Reform
Mark Falzone
4 $870.00
Indian Americans for Pallone
Pallone for Congress
4 $2,000.00
IMPORTANT DEADLINE: Help me stand up ...
4 $275.00
Indian-American Reception
Pallone for Congress
3 $1,500.00
"I'm supporting Jon." - Jocelyn Benson
Jocelyn Benson
3 $160.00
Ipswich Democratic Breakfast 2013
Diane Young
3 $110.00
Inauguration Celebration Party
Victor Forys M.D.
3 $120.00
Inaugural Breakfast 2009
San Bernardino County Democratic Party
2 $55.00
Indiana Senate 2012!
2 $3,000.00
Italian American Democratic Leadershi...
2 $750.00
Illinois Senate 2010
Democrats Supporting Alexi Giannoulia...
1 $250.00
Italian Americans for Bill de Blasio
Italian American Democratic Leadershi...
1 $25.00
Immerman Reception
1 $250.00
Ipswich DTC Wine Tasting
Diane Young
1 $35.00
Impromptu Gathering to Meet the Maine...
Amy Pritchard
1 $25.00
I Like Ducks
Eddie Canales
1 $1.00
Inagural "Lambda's Pride" Cocktail Fu...
Long Beach Lambda Democratic Club
1 $25.00
Irene Estrada Rukaj NY-HD-80 ,2012
Irene Estrada Rukaj NY-HD-80 ,2012
1 $25.00
Investing in the long haul
Invest in the PCCC's effective work
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
Iowa Drive
Josh Reed
Invest in Action for the Common Good
Iowa Supports Chet Culver
Tony Hansen
Iowa v Iowa State Game
Culver/Judge Campaign
introducing our recruits
Wisconsin Progress
IPFW Democrats
Introduce IDW to a Young Woman
Kim Savage
International Day of Climate Action
Shari Buhan
Ira Middleberg for Mary Landrieu
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones
Lorna and Wade Randlett
Inspiring Women: A Tribute To Mayor H...
Christa Yoakum
Mario Piscatella
Infrared Saunas
I need your support to win!
Iron County Playdate 2012
Doug Hawks
I need your help.
Indiana Drive
Josh Reed
Indiana Dems
Andy Reynolds
I Stand With Foss and Ohio's Working ...
Friends of Anthony Fossaceca
Independent Caucus 2014
Is there still "Minnesota Nice"?
Wally Velishek
I Support Cherrish
Cherrish S. Pryor
I support Cherrish!
Cherrish Pryor
Stonewall Democrats of the RIo Grande...
I support Mazie
Amie Kershner
I Support Pay It Forward
Italian American Democratic Leadershi...
I'll Stand by you
Italian American Democrats for Eric G...
Italian American Democratic Leadershi...
Italian Americans for Barbara Buono
Italian American Democratic Leadershi...
Illinois Drive
Josh Reed
Italian Americans for Denny Heck
Italian American Democratic Leadershi...
I have decided to RUN
Mary Dickinson