Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
John deserves a vote
Democracy for America
1,496 $40,748.07
Joe's in!
83 $7,810.00
Jim Hightower Talk and Book Signing
Molly Ritner, Griego for Congress
64 $4,905.00
John R Strasser for 14th District Ald...
46 $4,220.00
Jim Hahn for the 79th
Jim Hahn
33 $2,711.00
John LaFerla for Congress
29 $6,355.00
John Autry for District 5
John Autry
28 $5,010.00
Join Congressman Jim McGovern and sto...
Congressman Jim McGovern
27 $913.00
Johnson for Rep
25 $2,875.00
Joan Lopez 4 County Clerk
Joan Lopez
24 $1,550.00
Jim McGovern and Tim Murray for Tim ...
Friends of Tim Dodd
23 $1,120.00
John Bauer for Lt. Governor
22 $945.00
Joe Laiacona for Ward 39 Alderman
Joe Laiacona
17 $1,380.00
Jobs, Growth & Opportunity
Diane Russell
16 $217.00
Join Angel in Providence!
14 $3,150.00
Join Alan Lowenthal and President Cli...
Alan Lowenthal for Congress
14 $1,778.00
Join Congressman Barney Frank & Candi...
Andy Linsky
14 $2,874.00
Joe Coto Comedy Fundraiser
Joe Coto
13 $1,015.00
Join Chris on September 4!
Chris Bell for Texas Senate
12 $4,100.00
John Olson -- Progressive Hero
Democracy for America
11 $390.00
Jim Frazier for Assembly Kickoff Event
Jim Frazier for Assembly
10 $740.00
Join Bernie Buescher Today and Suppor...
10 $370.00
Jobs, School, Agriculture High on Sen...
Friends of Cecilia Tkaczyk
10 $726.00
John F. Kennedy Recognition Dinner
Penobscot County Democratic Committee
9 $685.00
Jody Gates for Mary Landrieu
9 $3,625.00
Johnson County Jefferson/Jackson Dinn...
Robert Kramer
9 $790.00
Join Community Leaders in supporting ...
Abel Guillen and Friends
8 $1,070.00
John Mancuso for Assembly Kickoff Fun...
Friends of John Mancuso
8 $2,625.00
John Mancuso for Assembly Fundraiser ...
Amy Lavelle
8 $2,605.00
Jim Townsend Supports LGBT Equality
Friends of Jim Townsend
8 $1,600.00
Join Congressman Takano in Moreno Valley
Barbara Wint
7 $700.00
John Lewis for Congress
6 $6,100.00
Join Congressman James E. Clyburn & C...
Mimielle Goulatte
6 $500.00
John Jake for State Assembly District 54
John Jake
6 $480.00
Joe Morrissey for Delegate
6 $165.00
Join Dan Hynes at Carnivale on Novemb...
Friends of Dan Hynes
5 $4,200.00
Join Congressman Joe Baca in support ...
Steven Figueroa
4 $500.00
Johnson-Bentsen-Richards Dinner Speci...
Travis County Democratic Party
3 $172.00
Joe Majeski for 1st Assembly
3 $200.00
Join Cook County Board President Toni...
Mia Phifer
3 $825.00
Johnson County Democrats of Iowa
3 $160.00
Jim Holbert for Congress Fundraiser
Jim Holbert for Congress
3 $60.00
John K. Green for PSC
John K. Green
3 $130.00
2 $175.00
John Cummings for Mary Landrieu
2 $6,000.00
Jim Garner for Senator Mary Landrieu
2 $10,000.00
Joe Biden in Bay Area, Sat, Oct 18
Jon Silver and the Pups for Peace (Ba...
2 $2,005.00
Join Chris Bell!
Chris Bell for Texas Senate
2 $750.00
Joan & Skip Kessler's House Party
Sheila Kuehl for Supervisor
2 $150.00
John Gabe Rivera for Albuquerque Stat...
John Gabe Rivera
1 $25.00
Jim Swanson for 29th Assembly
Jim Swanson for 29th Assembly
1 $10.00
Join Dan Hynes in Springfield
Friends of Dan Hyns
1 $200.00
Joey's Comedy Club Fund Raiser
Richard D. Tannous Jr.
1 $100.00
John Morse and Angela Giron
1 $30.00
Susan Blanchard
John Jake for State Assembly District 54
John Houghtaling for Mary Landrieu
John Litchfield for Mary Landrieu
John Devine For Congress Committee to...
John Devine for Congress
John P. Devine
John Cook for Texas Land Commissioner
Matthew Briones
joes try 1120
Joe's Birthday Bash
Lindsay Marks
Joe Perez for State Senate
John Salazar for Hickenlooper
John's Birthday
Michele Chapman
John's Birthdy Party at the Uptown
John Burnett
John Smith for Hickenlooper
Joe Marques For State Senate
Joe Lowe for Governor
Joel Greer Fundraiser
Culver/Judge Campaign
Joel Chaisson for Mary Landrieu
Johnson for Texas
Rob Henson
John Wittneben for State Rep
Kathryn Wittneben
John Wittneben for State Representative
John Wittneben
John Kelly for Mary Landrieu
Joe Hoeffel Campaign Kickoff!
Joe Early Jr for DA
Joe Curtatone, Mayor of Somerville
Dan Passacantilli
Join Bill Clinton and Support Lois Fr...
Joe Bruno for Mary Landrieu
Joe Adams for Missouri
Joe Adams
Join Club 2014
Jody & Kevin
Jody Brettkeey & Kevin Coldiron
Jim Piccillo’s Summer Bash
Jim Piccillo
Jim Nachman hosts an evening with Ric...
Friends of Rick Waugh
Join Congressman Snyder and others
Chris Kell
Jim Massie for Mary Landrieu
Join Congresswoman Annie Kuster in Ho...
Kuster for Congress
Jim Hutchison for Mary Landrieu
Jim Graves 2014
Chris Ackerman
Jim Evans for Congress 2014
Elect Jim Evans
Join Dan in Dixon!
Join Dan in Napa!
Join Dan in Woodland!
Join Dan Seals & Congresswoman Jan Sc...
Dan Seals for Congress
Join Dan Wolk in Green Valley!