Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Daniel C. Boone for Texas Senate Dist...
92 $4,783.00
Danny Plaugher for Supervisor
92 $7,968.00
DCCV Annual Dues (Federal)
The Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley
67 $1,670.00
DC4D Holiday Party
DC for Democracy
41 $1,245.00
David Gernant for State Representative
David Gernant
37 $3,100.00
David Pollock for State Senate 2016
34 $5,695.00
Daylin's Annual Birthday Bash
32 $13,825.00
David Graham
31 $1,310.00
Dan Richard & Jackie Pfannenstiel hos...
25 $5,281.00
Dan Wolk Campaign Kickoff
Connie Sanders Emerson
22 $4,400.00
Dave Doucette for Marlborough City Co...
22 $925.00
David Sirota Book Signing
Democratic Party of Orange County
22 $715.00
Dave Young for Colorado
The House Majority Project
21 $1,025.00
David Topping for Jon Hoadley MI-HD-60
20 $560.00
DC Baby Wale Event
20 $1,390.00
Davis College Democrats' 8th Annual I...
19 $1,960.00
Dare County Democratic Party
Dare County Democratic Party
17 $2,790.00
Daniel is 31!
Karin & Elliot
16 $896.00
Dan's ActBlue page for Sonia!
Dan Berwick
16 $1,290.00
David Segal for Congress Campaign Kic...
Rachel Miller
16 $1,145.00
David Cicilline for Congress Metropol...
The Cicilline Committee
15 $4,450.00
David Orr invites you
by Jeff Orr
15 $1,485.00
Dan Ramos for State Rep Pig Roast
Dan Ramos
14 $625.00
DCCV Annual Dues (State)
Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley
14 $360.00
Darren Parker for Assembly 2016
Darren Parker
13 $1,920.00
David Bowlby - June 20
Mark DeSaulnier for Congress
13 $6,950.00
Dave Jones for Attorney General 2018
12 $3,900.00
Dan Maffei Rapid Response Fund
11 $428.00
Dave Young Emergency Fund
Heather O'Connor, HMP
11 $320.00
David C. Kolbe for State Representati...
11 $2,225.00
Dan Kotowski For State Senate Event
Dan Kotowski for State Senate
10 $1,475.00
Darrel for Congress
10 $435.00
Dan Kildee for Congress
9 $238.00
Davis College Democrats' 7th Annual I...
9 $810.00
Dan Snarr for Salt Lake County Counci...
8 $1,305.00
Dave Koller FL-11 2016
Dave Koller
8 $650.00
David Sanchez 29th Birthday fundraiser
David Sanchez
8 $552.00
Daylin Leach - Liberal Lion of PA
Christopher Massicotte
8 $1,700.00
DCCC Picks Frontline Chairman to Prot...
8 $98.00
Dan Ramos Leap Year Bash & Campaign K...
State Rep. Dan Ramos
7 $520.00
David's 28th Birthday
7 $746.00
Daniel Espinosa's Racial Justice Poli...
Daniel Espinosa
6 $625.00
Dan Ramos - Spring Break Virtual Fund...
Dan Ramos
6 $220.00
Dan Ramos Steak Fry
Rep. Dan Ramos
6 $155.00
David Borden re-election campaign
6 $610.00
Davis College Democrats' 4th annual I...
Davis College Democrats
6 $425.00
Davis College Democrats' 6th Annual I...
Henry Johnston
6 $525.00
Dan Ramos for State Representative Sp...
Dan Ramos
4 $350.00
David Matthiesen Reception
Kim Taylor, Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate
4 $7,900.00
Dan Ramos Campaign Kickoff Chicken Pa...
3 $170.00
Dan Ramos for State Rep - Birthday Pa...
Dan Ramos
3 $225.00
Darian & Rick Swig Reception
Phil Ting
3 $1,000.00
David Boling for Delegate
David Boling
3 $850.00
David's Goal
3 $350.00
Dan Ramos Steak Fry
State Representative Dan Ramos
2 $90.00
Dave Sullivan 2014
2 $50.00
David Brennan for Don Quick
David Brennan
2 $300.00
Dan Kelley for State Representative
1 $15.00
Dan Ramos Columbus Spring Fundraiser ...
1 $20.00
Dan Ramos Summer Fundraiser
Dan Ramos
1 $25.00
Darrel Thomspon Exploratory Committee
Aimee Occhetti
1 $100.00
DA Seth Williams Fundraiser for Antho...
Anthony Ingargiola
1 $50.00
Dave Morgan For State Representative ...
1 $25.00
Dave Woodward for One Royal Oak
Commissioner Dave Woodward
1 $50.00
David E. Cote for NH House
David E. Cote
1 $100.00
Day For State Senate Boston Event
Michael Day
1 $500.00
dccc & dscc
1 $70.00
Daniel Connelly
Danny Becnel for Mary Landrieu
Dan Ramos' End of the Year Fundraiser
State Rep. Dan Ramos
Dan Ramos for State Rep Fundraiser wi...
Dan Ramos
Dan Seals Fundraiser
Dan Seals for Congress
Dan Whitten for NC House
Daniel Whitten
Darren Robbins' Fundraising Page
Darren Robbins' Fundraising Page
Darryl E. Strange for 43rd District -...
DATE Reception for Councilman Nevitt
Chris Nevitt
Dave Doucette for Marlborough City Co...
Dave Doucette
Dave Gorski pledges a fight for clean...
Dave Gorski pledges a fight to keep g...
Dave Gorski pledges fight for public ...
Dave Gorski pledges to fight for prog...
Dave needs your help:
North County Dems
David Buchwald St. Patrick's Day Brea...
David Cicilline for Congress/Florida ...
The Cicilline Committee
David Harris's fundraising page for M...
David Madsen's fundraising page
David Madsen
David Segal for Congress Campaign Kic...
Dan Bass
David's Goal
DavidT.Keenan-Register of Probate
David Topping for Hoadley
David Topping
Davis College Democrats' 7th Annual I...
Daymon Brodhacker for State Rep - DFM...
Dayton for HD17
DC Alaskans for Begich
Aaron Ver
D. Carson for Pritchett
Dorsey Carson
DCCC Red Alert
DCCC Red Alert