Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Justice for Marissa Alexander
1,082 $14,946.00
Karl Rove got his groove back
92 $2,431.00
June 30th Newsom Circle Breakfast
Newsom Circle Co-hosts
88 $33,385.00
June 29 Fundraiser with John Podesta
Judd Legum for Maryland
70 $10,100.00
Judy Jennings & Rebecca Bell Metereau...
Alfred Stanley
57 $4,324.00
June 11th-$6.11 Money Bomb for Tyler ...
Joe Luckman
47 $531.05
Karmally4Texas Fundraising Page
40 $2,683.00
Karen Spilka for Congress
Karen Spilka for Congress Committee
39 $16,175.00
Julie's Birthday Celebration
Julie Hamos
39 $7,911.00
Judy Solano for State Senate, Distric...
37 $3,535.00
Karen Spilka for Congress!
Scott Loitherstein
21 $720.00
Kalamazoo Alliance for Equality PAC
21 $545.00
J. Rizzo Mertz for PA State Represent...
J. Rizzo Mertz
20 $692.00
July 8 Reception with Barbara Boxer a...
Boxer CDP 2010
18 $23,000.00
Judy Jennings & Rebecca Bell-Metereau...
Alfred Stanley
18 $810.00
June 28th Fundraiser with Special Gue...
Kuster for Congress
18 $3,605.00
Julie Lassa for Congress Madison Event
Heather Colburn
17 $1,475.00
Justin Miller for District 40
Andrew Roberts
12 $710.00
Jump-Starting Our Future--Manhattan R...
HS Young Dems
12 $610.00
Judy Chu Sacramento Reception
Bill Wong
11 $1,540.00
June IND rocks Marriage Equality
June IND
10 $405.00
June 30th Event
Susan Bonilla
10 $2,001.00
Judy's 65th Birthday Party
10 $569.00
Just Like Us -- A World Premiere Adap...
Owen Perkins
9 $1,060.00
Judy Tenuta Comedy Concert
Scott Withers
9 $638.00
July Club Meeting
70th AD DAC and Democrats of Greater ...
9 $158.00
July 2012 - Annual Membership
Ventura County Democratic Central Com...
7 $165.00
Kang for Congress Spring Reception
Sukhee Kang
7 $1,525.00
July 19th Saturday Brunch at Little G...
Paul Newell
6 $425.00
Judy Chu 2010 San Francisco Event
Bill Wong, Organizer
6 $875.00
June 2nd Event
Jose Hernandez for Congress
5 $3,000.00
Kabobs with Krom
Beth Krom for Congress
5 $800.00
Kate Acuff for Albemarle County Schoo...
5 $1,600.00
Judy LeUnes Oct. 22nd Event
Judy LeUnes Campaign
4 $125.00
Juneteenth Fundraiser for Holly Mitchell
Fran Jemmott
4 $1,300.00
June 23rd @ Joe's Movement Emporium
Kate Childs Graham
4 $830.00
Judge Joe Brown For Shelby County Dis...
"Joseph B Brown" On the Ballot
4 $340.00
June 5th Cocktail Rececption
Beth Floor and Greg Connolly
3 $600.00
Justin Zirkle For State Representative
Justin Zirkle
3 $80.00
Karen Hill Scott Happy Hour for Holly...
LJ Carusone
3 $650.00
Just 2 weeks to go!
3 $625.00
Kansas Young Dems
3 $25.00
July 13th Munsonville Fundraiser!
Kuster for Congress
3 $175.00
July 21st with John Tierney
3 $900.00
June 26th Cocktail Reception
Edward Poteat
3 $1,650.00
Kalamazoo supports Aaryn Richard
Kelly Doyle
3 $60.00
Jumbo's Birthday Party for Elena Herr...
3 $90.00
Julio Perez 2012 T-Shirts- STEP OUT I...
Julio Perez for Assembly 2012
3 $245.00
June 26th Event in San Jose
Teresa Cox
2 $1,500.00
Justin Kuhnle For Congress
Justin Kuhnle
2 $50.00
June 2nd with John Tiernery
2 $350.00
Just Like Us -- A World Premiere Adap...
Owen Perkins
2 $225.00
July 13th Stoddard Fundraiser!
Kuster for Congress
2 $225.00
Justice for All PAC
2 $25.00
June 11th DC Luncheon
Joseph P. Kennedy III
2 $1,000.00
June 24 Event
Beth Krom
2 $300.00
Judy Baker Goes to Washington
Judy Baker
1 $100.00
Judy Chilnick, E.J. Oshins & Dennis D...
Sheila Kuehl for Supervisor
1 $200.00
June 25th Event
Beth Krom for Congress
1 $250.00
June 3rd Event
Beth Krom for Congress
1 $50.00
June 21st - Squam Lake fundraiser!
Kuster for Congress
1 $1,000.00
Karen and Daniel Holan's fundraiser f...
Tyler Cole
1 $250.00
July 2010 Meeting
70th AD DAC / Dems of Greater Irvine
1 $36.00
July 22nd Luncheon
Beth Krom for Congress
1 $1,000.00
June 7th event
Beth Krom for Congress
1 $1,800.00
Kai for Assembly - SF Event
June 6th Event Hosted by Shannon and ...
Joseph P. Kennedy III
June 6, 2013 Cocktail Reception
Juanita Scarlett, Mike Klein, Timothy...
Justice Caucus Supports One Royal Oak
June 3rd Hickenlooper Event
JUFJ Campaign Fund Endorsed Candidates
Justin Kuhnle
Julie French for Senate
Julie French
Justin Pluess Golf Outing
Justin Pluess
Judy LeUnes for Texas House
Judy LeUnes
Justin Zirkle
Justin Zirkle
Justin Zirkle For Michigan's 108th Ho...
June 29th Reception with Dawn Clark N...
Friends of Flamm
Judy LeUnes Early Vote Kick Off Fundr...
Judy LeUnes Campaign
June 28th Brookline Fundraiser for Dr...
Michael Reich
June 28 Event with Congressman Jim Cl...
Dan Seals for Congress
Julia Brownley
Lois Frankel
Kai Stinchcombe Campaign Kick-Off!
Vote for Kai!
June 28 Barbecue
Brad and Brad
Kalamazoo Kickoff for Jon Hoadley
June 24th Campaign Kick-off Event
Kalamazoo supports Aaryn Richard
Kelly Doyle
Judithanne McLauchlan for State Senate
Kansas Drive
Josh Reed
Kansas Takes Action
June 19th - Please Join Us For A Rece...
Linda Cuadra
June 19th House Party
Diane Ramsey and Marcia Rogers
June16 Castro Event
Karen Puckett for Mary Landrieu
Judithanne McLauchlan for State Senate
Judithanne McLauchlan for State Senate
Jump Start Saldate 2014
Justin Wagner for Senate White Plains...