Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Keep Paul Where He Is
243 $5,644.00
Keep Jim Graves on TV
226 $7,352.20
Keep Kay, Jeanne, and Mary in the Senate
220 $8,739.50
Keep Special Interests out of Politics!
State Rep. Diane Russell
179 $4,038.00
KCDP Memberships
Kent County Democratic Party
129 $4,175.00
Keep Jess King in the state senate!
Mark Miller
125 $4,038.00
Keep the government out of your inbox
123 $2,650.00
Keep Chris Bell on the Air!
Friends of Chris Bell
112 $16,397.00
Keep the Change
Benjamin Yee
110 $5,835.00
Keep Rep. Todd in the House
94 $11,521.50
Keep Progressives Fighting for us in ...
93 $2,139.00
Keep Paul on the Air
80 $2,317.00
Keep Dan fighting for you!
70 $7,984.00
Keep the Change III: Return of the Ch...
Benjamin Yee
67 $4,630.00
KC Becker for HD13
KC Becker
62 $8,796.00
Keep Daylin Leach's inspiring ad on t...
50 $1,054.00
Keeping Niki fighting for us!
49 $4,187.00
KDP Summer Reception!
Kansas Democratic Party
49 $5,780.00
Keep Mourdock out of the Senate
44 $896.00
Keep Susan's radio ad on the air!
Jim Holperin
44 $2,014.00
Karmally4Texas Fundraising Page
39 $2,433.00
Karen Spilka for Congress
Karen Spilka for Congress Committee
39 $16,175.00
KCDP Gala 2013
Kent County Democratic Party
39 $5,725.00
Keep Steve fighting for the middle cl...
33 $490.95
Kate's Democratic Party Page
Kate Donaghue
27 $3,565.00
27 $411.00
Keep Nita Fighting for you!
25 $827.00
KCDP Leadership
KCDP Executive Committee
23 $2,115.00
Kate's Page for Elizabeth Warren
Kate Donaghue
23 $4,350.00
Keep Our Ad on TV!
One Royal Oak
23 $2,295.00
Karen Spilka for Congress!
Scott Loitherstein
21 $720.00
Kalamazoo Alliance for Equality PAC
21 $545.00
KCDP 2012 Fall Gala
Kent County Democratic Party
19 $2,075.00
Keep going: Contribute Now to Martin ...
18 $555.00
Kathy Keith for Community College of ...
Kathy Keith
17 $1,490.00
Keep Aryanna On The Air
15 $691.00
Kate for Ed Markey
Kate Donaghue
15 $1,175.00
Keep Ideology Out of the Council Cham...
14 $750.00
Kathy King for Texas State Board of E...
13 $700.00
Kay Hendrikson 2014
Kay Hendrikson
12 $1,375.00
Katrina for Lansing Town Board
Katrina Binkewicz
8 $575.00
KCDP Sponsorship of MI College Dems
John Curran
8 $210.00
Kauffman for MT Commissioner
8 $475.00
Keep Claire Campaign
A. Gellhaus
7 $469.00
Kang for Congress Spring Reception
Sukhee Kang
7 $1,525.00
Katherine Clark for Congress
Barbara Lee
6 $230.00
Keep Patrick's campaign growing!
6 $133.00
Kathy Nesbitt for Hickenlooper
5 $773.26
Kate Acuff for Albemarle County Schoo...
5 $1,600.00
Keep Rick Fighting for Us!
5 $425.00
Katrina Shankland's Campaign Kick-off!
Katrina Shankland
5 $200.00
Keep CO Pro-Choice
Toni Panetta
5 $230.00
Kathy King for SBOE, District 7
4 $265.00
Kate Cloonen for State Representative
4 $155.00
Kate's 500 Club Page for the Roosevel...
4 $250.00
Kalamazoo supports Aaryn Richard
Kelly Doyle
3 $60.00
Kay Hagan for Senate
RJ Kennedy
3 $70.00
Kay Hagan House Party
Pat Orrange and John Dornan
3 $175.00
Kansas Young Dems
3 $25.00
Karen Hill Scott Happy Hour for Holly...
LJ Carusone
3 $650.00
Keep Oregon Safe for Women
2 $15.00
Keep the Change with OpenNY
Benjamin Yee
2 $60.00
Kathy Feilds Lander House Party
by Sheila Kuehl for Supervisor
2 $1,050.00
Kate's Young Dems Page
Kate Donaghue
2 $52.00
KCDP Unity Day
Gloria Johnson
1 $30.00
Kate's Page for Josh CUtler
Kate Donaghue
1 $50.00
Keep our campaign strong!
1 $15.00
Kathleen Walker For State Representative
Larry McDonald
1 $10.00
Karen and Daniel Holan's fundraiser f...
Tyler Cole
1 $250.00
Kate for Joe
Kate Donaghue
1 $50.00
Kate for GBVD
Kate Donaghue
1 $30.00
Keen's Slate
Cliff Keen
1 $100.00
Kate's Page for Deb Goldberg
Kate Donaghue
1 $125.00
Karen Puckett for Mary Landrieu
Keep Claire's Strong Voice in the Senate
Senator Jim Webb
Keep AZ Blue--Support a House Majority
AZ Son
Kate Audette Supports Linda Dorcena F...
Kate Audette
Keep Kane in the House
Kate Anderson's House Party
Sheila Kuehl for Supervisor
Keep Lois on the Air
Keep America Blue
Doyle Durando
Karl Rove got his groove back
Keenen Geter for State Central Commit...
Keenen Geter
Keeping Karen Bass in the MIX
James Lewis Perdue Jackson II
KDP Test
Kate Segal Fundraiser with the Stewarts
Kate Segal
KCDP Annual Gala
Kent County Democratic Party
KCDP Annual Gala
Kent County Democratic Party
Kathleen Beatty for Don Quick
Kansas Takes Action
Kay Hagan for Senate
Kansas Drive
Josh Reed
Kay Hagan
Chip Davis
Kalik & Associates 2012 Clients
Kalik & Associates
Katy Miller and Greg Eurich House Party
Susie McMahon
Keep team blue ahead online
Daily Kos
Kalamazoo supports Aaryn Richard
Kelly Doyle
Kalamazoo Kickoff for Jon Hoadley
Kathleen Vinehout for Governor!
Grassroots People for Vinehout
Kathleen Murphy for Delegate
Mary Kate Waldron