Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Dump California's Tea Party Republicans
613 $16,323.10
Draft Alan Grayson
Blue America
446 $14,764.29
Drown Out The Smears
337 $6,083.00
Dump the Tea Party and Take Back Cong...
333 $6,907.50
Dylan Hayre for State Senate
184 $14,856.00
Dr. David Garcia for AZ State Schools...
161 $12,950.00
Dr. Rad for U.S. Senate 2014
133 $12,451.89
Drinking Liberally 10th Anniversary C...
Justin Krebs
94 $12,881.00
Dr. Vito for Senate
Dr. Vito Imbasciani
68 $19,369.00
Dropping like flies...
47 $2,608.00
DPOE 2010 Annual Dinner: Protecting P...
Adam Finlayson - President, Democrati...
32 $10,400.00
DPVA Membership Record
VA Dems
32 $790.00
Dr. Lee Rogers' Santa Clarita Valley ...
Lee Rogers for Congress
30 $3,175.00
Dr. Val Flores for State Board of Edu...
30 $1,775.00
Durham Fundraiser for NC Democratic S...
Senate Democratic Caucus
27 $4,875.00
DPMC Annual Dinner (Jan 2013)
Sachin Chheda, Chair
26 $3,000.00
DT Fundraising
Oconee Democrats
26 $2,738.00
Dual County Fish Fry
Denton County Democratic Party
26 $1,275.00
Durbin Reception
Friends of Dick Durbin
26 $19,750.00
DWBC and the House Majority Project
26 $3,150.00
DPOE Annual Dinner: Celebrating Change
Adam Finlayson
21 $4,975.00
DPNM - Building the Future
Chairwoman Haaland
17 $2,585.00
Dr. Rogers Fundraising Event
Dr. Rogers for Congress
17 $5,400.00
DWIA July 2015 Lunch
Democratic Women in Action
17 $440.00
Dr. Dena Minning For U.S. Congress
16 $7,120.00
Dr. Lee Rogers' first TV Ad of the 20...
15 $1,828.00
Dr. Lee Rogers for Congress Luncheon
15 $4,150.00
Drinks with Seth Mouton
14 $1,500.00
DPOE End of Summer Fest
Adam Finlayson
13 $355.00
Dr. Bob Gluckman, Dr. Chuck Kilo and ...
Kurt Schrader for Congress
13 $2,750.00
DPMC Annual Awards Dinner
Sachin Chheda
11 $1,450.00
DPOE Annual Award Dinner Ad Book Order
Adam Finlayson
11 $1,015.00
Durbin cocktail reception and dinner
Friends of Dick Durbin
11 $19,400.00
Dream Equal Tees and Tanks
10 $336.00
Dulles Area Democrats Bkfst, Mon July...
Robert Haley
10 $260.00
Dr. Anil Kumar for Congress
9 $1,085.00
Andrew Short
9 $2,500.00
9 $930.00
Dubas for Governor
Annette Dubas
8 $402.00
Dustin Urban For House District 63
8 $370.00
DPOE Membership
7 $720.00
Dr. Demon Guy has gone too far
7 $359.00
Dr. Harkless Reception
Dr. Lee Rogers for Congress
6 $1,050.00
Dr. Lee Rogers' Antelope Valley Birth...
Lee Rogers for Congress
6 $420.00
Dubuque Fundraiser for Pat Murphy
6 $1,000.00
Dream Equal
5 $52.00
Drabek for Texas
Cynthia Drabek
4 $85.00
Durham Reception for Lisa Baker Campaign
4 $286.00
Early Childhood Education Event - Jun...
Lt. Governor Barbara O'Brien
4 $500.00
Dr. Kent and Nancy Hobert and Rep. Ge...
Mark DeSaulnier for Congress
3 $700.00
Dr. Lee Rogers Meet and Greet at the ...
Lee Rogers for Congress
3 $600.00
Dr. Philip Morreale and APMA PAC Rece...
Lee Rogers for Congress
3 $1,000.00
DU for Grayson for US Senate for Grayson for US Senate
3 $80.00
Dyerly Fundraiser
3 $575.00
DPOE 2010 Annual Dinner Annual Dinner...
Adam Finlayson, John Welch, and Marie...
2 $200.00
DPVA RuralVaDems
Rural Caucus of the Democratic Party ...
2 $300.00
Draft Shawn for New Hampshire
Mike McCollum
2 $225.00
Dr. Akinyemi Agbede For Senator Repre...
2 $200.00
Drive for 200
Thaddius Wenderoth
2 $110.00
Dr. Lee Rogers Bakersfield Fundraiser
2 $650.00
Early Money Wins Campaigns
Chelsey Owen
2 $150.00
DPOP Annual Fundraiser
1 $75.00
Dr Schulman
1 $1,000.00
Dr. Who Season Premier Watch Party
Hosted by Amy Manuel, benefitting Lis...
1 $10.00
Duane Hall Reception
1 $250.00
Dump Mick
York County Democratic Party
1 $10.00
Durbin cocktail reception
Friends of Dick Durbin
1 $500.00
Eagle Point Lodge Potluck and Music
Carol Machael
1 $25.00
DPSC Office fund 2014
Dr. Blesofsky for LBCC Trustee
Marshall Blesofsky
Dr. Damian Stone For Congress
Dr. Damian Stone Candidate For Congress
Dr. Dena Minning For U.S. Congress
Drew Ranier
Dr. Heinz Meet and Greet in Vail
Evan Hutchinson
Driving Change Together
New Leaders Council - Los Angeles
Dr. Karen Otazo Hofmeister Reception
Laura Welch
Dr. Leann Binger's House Party
Dr. Leann Binger
Dr. Lee Rogers' first TV Ad of the 2...
Dr. Marco Montoya for Congress
Dr. Mavel Velasco and Wellinthon Muno...
Dr Mavel Velasco
Dr. Mavel Velasco and Wellinthon Muno...
Dr Mavel Velasco
Dr. Rebecca Adams' House Party
Dr. Rebecca Adams
Dr. Rogers DC Fundraiser
Dr. Rogers for Congress
Duane Hall Reception
Dubbin for Mike Ross
Sam Dubbin
Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club
Dues and Donations
Visalia Democratic Club
Dues payments
Dunnaville for Circuit Court Clerk
Peter Dunnaville
Darren Harrison
Durhal Email
Fred Durhal for State Representative
Dustin Teel 2016
Duvall for Missouri
Ken Duvall
Kathy Smiley
Eagles Concert
Senator Durbin and Congresswoman Duck...
Eagles for Chris
Committee to Elect Chris Conroy
Earick D. Rayburn Reception
Stephany Spaulding