Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Koch Money
ActBlue Technical Services
1,011 $29,650.68
Koch Brothers Launch Attack
346 $9,322.00
L.A. Grassroots Supporters and Young ...
Friends of Newsom
164 $10,640.00
KY Deserves True Representation
100 $8,968.00
Kick Off
97 $7,783.00
Kick-off Event
The Markey Committee
88 $82,550.28
LACDP JFK Awards 2013
Los Angeles County Democratic Party
55 $12,225.00
Knock Knock
Judy Baker for Congress Team
44 $3,443.00
Keystone Progress Summit Fundraiser
Keystone Progress
29 $3,800.00
Labor Day Picnic
Working Blue Democratic Club
26 $1,260.00
Kickoff Fundraiser
Hrant Jamgochian
25 $4,350.00
KYD Lexington Fundraiser
Emily Gallt
20 $765.00
Ken Plum's State of the Commonwealth ...
Allison Dickert
19 $2,180.00
Lafayette County Democrats
18 $1,447.00
Kickoff to Victory
Mecklenburg County Democratic Party
15 $1,470.00
Ladies in Blue
Young Democrats of Massachusetts
14 $475.00
Kimball and Banner County Democratic ...
13 $221.00
Koch Brothers Attack Mary Landrieu
13 $350.00
Kentucky Derby Party
JoCo Democratic Central Committee
10 $380.00
Kent Satterlee for Mary Landrieu
10 $6,755.00
LACYD's "Young is the New Blue" Conve...
10 $2,120.00
LA for Don Berwick
Luvh Rakhe
9 $1,750.00
Ladies in Blue with Special Guest Rep...
Young Democrats of Massachusetts Wome...
7 $160.00
Kenton County Democratic Executive Co...
6 $315.00
Kevin Burkart for District 55B
6 $1,000.00
Kim Council for Assembly 2014
Kim Council
5 $200.00
La Frontera Fundraiser
Cooke for Governor Campaign
5 $200.00
Kumar for Congress
Andrea Simonelli
5 $1,405.00
Koth for Growth now on TV!
5 $290.00
Kick-Off Fundraiser
Progress Kentucky
5 $230.56
LA friends of Dr. Ruiz
4 $300.00
Ken's 62nd Birthday Celebration
Kenneth E. Reeves
4 $300.00
Kuhnle for Congress
Justin Kuhnle
3 $70.00
Labor Day 2010
3 $80.00
Kickoff Fundraiser
3 $230.00
Kleebstock '08
Nebraskans for Kleeb - Omaha
3 $45.00
King David Dogs with André Carson
Torrey Washington
3 $175.00
Kick Ducky PJs out of Congress
3 $57.00
Kerr for Senate
Andrew Short
3 $350.00
Kick in For Kelly
2 $150.00
Kickoff Picnic
Steve Young
2 $3,930.00
Kent County for LaFerla
Clark Bjorke
2 $125.00
Ken's Summer Celebration 2013
Ken Reeves
2 $100.00
Kings County Democrats (CA)
2 $110.00
LACYD Endorsement Meeting: SD-26
Dante Atkins, Political Director
2 $60.00
Kyle J Hill's Equality Team
Kyle J. Hill
1 $25.00
Kevin Avery for Mary Landrieu
1 $5.00
Kyle and Elfreda McNair Invite you to...
Cory McCray
1 $25.00
Lafayette Park Fundraiser
1 $250.00
1 $50.00
Kick Off the Final Month
The Committee to elect James Riley
1 $100.00
Kick-Off Open House
Joyce Johnson
1 $25.00
Kurzon for Congress
Tony Sterle
1 $5.00
Kickoff Campaign
Jay Travis
1 $1.00
Labor Day Picnic 2012
Judy Popowski
1 $20.00
Kyle Thorson for House
Kyle Thorson
1 $10.00
Kenosha Reception with Tony
1 $250.00
Kossacks for Mike Michaud for ME-Gov
Kossacks for Redistricting Reform
Stephen Wolf
Kossacks Supporting MI Dems
Eileen B
Koffman for Senate
KREX TV Documents the 1st Campaign Rally
Kris Kirkpatrick for Mary Landrieu
Kristin Russell for Hickenlooper
Kristy for Michigan NYC Event
David Benzaquen and Jenifer Rajkumar
Kuhn Event
Culver/Judge Campaign
Koffman for Senate
Kultala Kickoff
Kumar For U.S. Congress
Anil Kumar
Kumin & Sommers Fundraiser
Kumin Sommers LLP
Kurzon for Congress
Matt Bednara
Koch Money
Kwame's Fundraising for the Campaign ...
Ken Pailet for Mary Landrieu
Koch Money
Kleebstock '08
Nebraskans for Kleeb - Omaha
Kirsten Gillibrand
oison kwadwo owusu-konadu
King David Dogs with André Carson
Torrey Washington
Kyle Waters for House District 51
Kyllie Brinkley's House Party
Kyllie Brinkley
Label GMOs in Washington: Vote Yes on... Political Action
Kimberly for Kids
Kick-off Fundraiser
Hrant Jamgochian
Labor & Friends: Meet and Greet
Dr. Lee Rogers for Congress
Labor Happy Hour
Team Eagleton
Kick Off Fundraiser
John Devine
La Crosse Reception with Tony
Kickoff Campaign Push
Kevin Schreiber for State Representative
Kevin & Marie's Afternoon reception f...
Allison VanKuiken
Kerry Holmes for Virginia Senate
Kerry Holmes
Kerry Holmes for Virginia Senate
Kerry Holmes
Kerry for Marty
Kerri Condley for Congress
Kerri Condley
Kenyan for Ward 5
Geoff Wyatt and Liz Oyer
Kentucky Drive
Josh Reed
Ken's Summer Celebration 2013
Ken Reeves