Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Maura Healey for Attorney General
970 $207,644.00
Martha for Governor
514 $165,238.00
Mayor Walsh's 47th Birthday!
103 $5,456.00
Martin Heinrich for Senate
92 $25,349.00
May 4 Fundraiser with Paul Begala and...
Neera Tanden, Catherine Brown
78 $6,795.00
McConnell doesn't like our pressure.....
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
62 $961.00
McCutcheon Rapid Response
61 $3,278.00
Marty Walsh for Mayor
38 $6,750.00
Mayor Evan Low's 30th Birthday at SIN...
Assemblymember Paul Fong, (District 28)
34 $16,885.00
Massachusetts Inaugural Ball
Young Democrats of Massachusetts
30 $770.00
May 20th HMP Fundraiser
Shelby Miller
29 $1,800.00
Matt Pope for Assembly 2014
28 $4,875.00
May 6th Johnstown Event
Mark Critz
23 $6,265.00
Marty Walsh for Mayor
Joyce Linehan
22 $2,830.00
Mary Ann Dunwell for MT House Distric...
19 $1,315.00
Massachusetts Peace Action
Cole Harrison
17 $811.94
May Day!
Toby Fallsgraff
12 $320.00
Mary Jo's Early Vote Yard Sign Fund!
Mary Jo
11 $345.00
Matt Hansen for Legislature
Matt Hansen
11 $602.00
Masquerade Party
Deloris Thomas & Phyllis Mather
10 $450.00
MA Senate Debate Bingo
Barbara Lee
10 $900.10
May Club Meeting
70th AD DAC / Democrats of Greater Ir...
10 $203.00
May 4th - Bob Manley Tribute (EVENT I...
The 47th Assembly District Democratic...
8 $840.00
Matsui for Congress Annual Event 2012
8 $3,750.00
Martha for Congress!
Glenn McAnanama
7 $1,650.00
Maxey Scherr Houston Fundraising Rece...
Victor Reyes
7 $675.00
Martha Robertson - No Fracking!
Irene Weiser
7 $825.00
Matt X. Ryan for U.S. Congress
Friends of Matt X. Ryan
6 $2,075.00
Mayor Walsh's 1st Annual Community Lu...
6 $700.00
May 8th Reception with Senator Warner...
6 $3,850.00
Mary Heath
6 $475.00
Matsui VSP Event 3.14.2012
5 $925.00
May 31st Fundraiser • Ridley-Thomas f...
Ridley-Thomas for Supervisor 2012
5 $2,050.00
May 23rd New Trier Township Democrats...
Committeeman Dean Maragos and the New...
4 $1,400.00
MCD 4th of July Boat
The Mid-Cities Democrats
4 $240.00
Matt Dougherty for Marty Walsh
4 $800.00
Martha's Vineyard Event for State Sen...
Committee to Elect Daniel Wolf
4 $500.00
McConnell Winery
Skyler Wonnacott
3 $500.00
Mattye Pollard-Cole House Party for A...
Mattye Pollard-Cole
3 $175.00
May 31st event
Beth Krom for Congress
3 $400.00
May 12th, 2012 Acton fundraiser hoste...
Tom Dionesotes
3 $250.00
May 1, 2013 Cocktail Reception
New York County Democratic Committee
3 $800.00
Marsha's Greatest Hits!
Grassroots for Greg
2 $49.00
Matthew Britt for State Representative
2 $20.00
Matthew Morehead for State Assembly
2 $225.00
May 14 Norfolk Event
1 $1,000.00
May 16 Lunch in Chapel Hill, NC
1 $2,600.00
May 20th event
Beth Krom for Congress
1 $100.00
Mason County Democrats Kennedy Dinner...
1 $50.00
May 28th Event
Beth Krom for Congress
1 $100.00
May 29 - Boston Lunch with Special Gu...
Marianne Karmel
1 $2,600.00
McCool Fundraiser
Steve McCool
1 $100.00
Martha Coakley for Governor at Rubin ...
Martha Coakley Committee
1 $500.00
1 $100.00
Marshall Adame for Congress
Marshall Adame
Matt Weinstein for Jon Hoadley
Matt Newton for State Senate 40
Matt Wiegmann for Congress
Matt Wiegmann for Congress
Maurice Durbin for Mary Landrieu
Matt Dunne for VT Governor
Pia Carusone & Lauree Hayden
Matt Becker (IL-HD-090)
Matt Becker (IL-HD-090)
May 13 Reception and Dinner in Alton, IL
May 13 Reception in Alton, IL
May 14th Reception at Davis Graham & ...
May 16 House Party for Andrew Romanoff
Matching Fund
Joseph Longoria
May 18 House Party for Andrew Romanoff
May 1st Evening with Alan Webber
Felicity, Leslie and Esha
MassEquality for Khrystian King
Massachusetts Drive
Josh Reed
May 21, Washington, DC - Braley Senat...
May 22nd in Modesto
Jose Hernandez for Congress
May 22 Reception and Dinner in Chicago
Mason County Democrats Dues
May 27th in Elk Grove
Jose Hernandez for Congress
Mason County Democrats Contributions
Mary Sheehy Moe
Mary Schneider for District 21 House
Mary Landrieu for Senate
May 3 House Party for Andrew Romanoff
Maryland Drive
Josh Reed
Mary Jo Jacobs - Mambo 64 Fundraiser
John V. Filiberti
Mary Hayashi for Senate 2014
Nick Sheya
May 7th Reception for Senator Warner ...
Mary Burke for Wisconsin Gov!
Sachin Chheda
Marybeth Melendez 2014
Marty Walsh for Mayor
Marty Keough for Boston City Council ...
Mayor Martin J. Walsh Event on Thursd...
Marty Keogh for Boston City Council
Marty Kane for Marian Ryan
Martha for Governor Hosted by Helene ...
Martha Coakley Tele-Town Hall
Women for Change
Women for Change
Marshall Adame for Congress in North ...
Marshall Adame