Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Fund Millions March NYC!
752 $10,268.00
Friends of New Organizing Institute
654 $54,576.50
Friends of Val Arkoosh
485 $144,240.00
Full Speed Ahead
474 $36,980.00
Friends of Maggie Toulouse Oliver
295 $70,771.00
Friends of Stephanie Singer
156 $36,689.00
Friends of Ken Moore
128 $19,597.00
Friends of Mo
Mo Khan
116 $36,600.01
Friends of Tommy Greene
108 $19,461.92
Friends of Kandy Hilliard
90 $15,918.00
From Zev to Zelda - History in the Ma...
78 $22,001.00
Friends of Wendy Cohen
52 $3,505.00
Fund our Get Out The Vote efforts!
43 $825.00
Friends of Steve Holecko
40 $3,358.00
Friends of Pat Bruns
36 $3,675.00
Fund our Get Out The Vote efforts!
30 $631.00
Friends Of Lillie Jessie
29 $2,620.00
Friends of Marcus Simon for Delegate
Marcus Simon
27 $7,734.00
Friends to Elect Rob Nesvacil
22 $1,325.00
Fritchey for Congress...For Us Campai...
Fritchey for Us
22 $3,950.00
Fuel Kelly's campaign momentum!
19 $2,215.00
Funding University Student Blockwalk
Kyle Mauro
19 $305.00
Fund our Get Out The Vote efforts!
17 $565.00
Ft. Collins for HMP
16 $1,175.00
Frisco's Favorite Dems - 2014
15 $2,146.25
Friends to Elect Damian Carroll
Stacy McKee & Kanchan Mattoo
13 $1,485.00
Friends of Kip Kendrick
12 $555.00
Fuel Tate's Bus Brigade - Contribute ...
Friends of Tate MacQueen
12 $650.29
Friends of Paul Nelson
11 $825.00
Fulfill your pledge today!
11 $1,325.00
Friends of Vince Jennings
9 $204.20
From the Quill to the Cloud: Protecti...
April Vargas
9 $900.00
Friends of Juan Thomas
Juan Thomas
8 $925.00
Friends of Pat Murray
Friends of Pat Murray
8 $2,900.00
Friends to elect Jon Hoadley
Jim Taglauer
8 $515.00
Friends of Martha Shugart
6 $450.00
Fun Campaign Fundraiser for Judy LeUn...
Danny Ballard and Jill Pankey
6 $220.00
Friends of Joshua Boschee Minneapolis...
5 $300.00
Friends of Senator Terry Gipson
Friends of Senator Terry Gipson on Fa...
5 $406.00
5 $250.00
Friends of Liam Davis Spring Fundraiser
4 $410.00
Friends of Litesa E. Wallace
Litesa E. Wallace
3 $65.00
Friends of Marty!
3 $375.00
Fueling the Campaign with High Octane
3 $120.00
Friends of Luke Torian Golf Classic
Luke Torian
2 $400.00
Friends of Marc Loveless
2 $50.00
Friends of Vince Jennings
2 $125.00
Fuentes for Member of the Assembly 38...
2 $55.00
2 $750.00
Friends of Mark Levy
1 $500.00
Friends of Misha for Terry Gipson
Michelle Donner
1 $50.00
Friends of Nikos Tsonis
Nikos Tsonis
1 $10.00
Friends of Pete Gutzmer Summer Campai...
Scott Kastrup
1 $150.00
Friends of Rudy Serra
Friends of Rudy Serra
1 $20.00
Friends to Elect Rob Nesvacil *2014*
1 $10.00
From Freedom to Hope: Celebrating the...
Alan Cottrell
1 $10.00
Ft. Point for Ayanna
The Friends of Ayanna Pressley
1 $100.00
Full inbox
1 $20.00
Funding the Headquarters of the Benzi...
1 $10.00
Friends of Jonathan Stevens
Friends of Karen Spilka
Friends of Karl Wells for Senator Joyce
Karl Wells
Friends of Larry Palm
Larry Palm
Friends of Latoya Joyner
L Joy Williams
Friends of Loveless for Chicago Clerk
Marc Loveless
Friends of Luke Torian Golf Classic
Friends of Luke Torian Golf Tournament
Friends of Mac Schneider
Friends of Margo Davidson
Friends of Marian
Friends of Mark Gjonaj
Mark Gjonaj
Friends of Mark Orozco For City Council
Friends of Misty
Friends of Misty Shop
Friends of New Organizing Institute
Friends of Pat Bruns
Pat Bruns
Friends of Pat Bruns
Pat Bruns
Friends of Pete Hammen
Friends of Pete Hammen
Friends of Pineyro for Senate
Friends of Rhoda Jacobs -- May 17th R...
Friends of Rhoda Jacobs
Friends of Rogers
Friends of Shelley Mayer
Friends of Steve Englebright
Friends of Steve Holecko
Friends of Steven Fugate
Steven Fugate
Friends of Tamara Le
Tamara Le
Friends Of Trevor Rodgers At White Ho...
Trevor Rodgers
Friends of Vince Jennings
From Red To A Bright Blue Future
Pedro Ramirez
Ft. Lauderdale Fundraising Reception ...
Fuck The DEMS
bob tawilager
Fuel the Campaign
Fuel the momentum for equality
Fulfill Your Pledge Today!
Full Citizenship
Fund for Change
El Pueblo
Fund for Democratic Women April 2014 ...
Samantha Talbot and Vicki Barnett
Fund our first endorsement!
Colleen Kennedy