Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Ms. Russell Goes to Washington!
366 $5,083.68
Nancy Pelosi Supports Alan Grayson
280 $8,012.25
Myrtle Cole 4 City Council
253 $42,683.00
Moving Forward to Prevent Gun Violence
Keystone Progress
108 $1,966.20
Nancy's Birthday party with Jennifer ...
Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner
85 $19,183.00
Nate Shinagawa
80 $9,341.00
Nancy's Birthday party with AG Kamala...
Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner
54 $10,050.00
Nancy's Birthday Party
Nancy Skinner
46 $6,850.00
MYD's 5th Annual Engendering Progress
43 $640.00
Muskie Lobster Bake
Maine Democratic Party
29 $4,995.00
My Favorite Progressives
Aletia Morgan
25 $2,091.00
Municipals & Mimosas
Caroline Giese
23 $2,050.00
More Action, Less Politics
Bera for Congress
22 $1,460.00
NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin
Jenni Dye
22 $2,670.00
"My Name is Rachel Corrie"
Marcy Winograd
21 $1,775.01
Natalie Tennant for Secretary of State
20 $2,705.00
Peters for Congress
19 $7,850.00
Mukilteo for Marko!
Amici Bistro and Rose Saffiotti
18 $800.00
My vote is for safer schools
16 $480.00
Mullen For Congress Bumper Stickers!
13 $260.00
My 2012 Candidates
Michael Adam Childers
11 $1,040.00
My Re-Election Campaign Kick-Off
Maria Pappas
11 $12,500.00
Nashville for Roy Herron
Roy Herron for Governor
9 $4,600.00
Moving Detroit Forward: A Special Fun...
Stephanie Chang
9 $415.00
Moving America Forward 2014
8 $385.00
NARAL Fundraising Showdown! UW-Madison
Kelly Dale
8 $186.00
My Friend Don Quick
Ken Salazar
7 $835.00
Mother Jones Dinner
6 $240.00
NARAL Fundraising Showdown! UW-Milwaukee
Kelly Dale
6 $265.00
#mulekick for Elizabeth Colbert Busch
Laurin Manning
6 $145.00
MRAYD 2nd Annual Cookout
Jamie Nolan
6 $365.00
My Birthday Wish
6 $245.00
Nancy Korman's Cocktail Buffet for Jo...
Nancy Korman
5 $700.00
Nashville for Roy Herron Reception
Kristin Clark-Banks, Charles Robert B...
5 $145.00
Movement Money
Eddy Morales
4 $302.00
NARAL and the National Organization f...
4 $105.00
My Family and Friends for Obama
R Major
4 $165.00
Move Women Forward Founding Members
Shawna Vercher
4 $400.00
Mortgage Mayhem
Fellow Mortgage Professional
3 $125.00
Nashville Fundraiser
Andy Berke
3 $300.00
NARAL Fundraising Showdown! UW-Whitew...
Kelly Dale
2 $60.00
NARAL Fundraising Showdown! UW-Steven...
Kelly Dale
2 $75.00
More Climate Heroes
Citizens Determined to Elect Clean En...
2 $2.00
MRAYD First Annual Fall Harvest
Jamie Nolan
2 $100.00
Monterey County Reception for John Laird
Connie Sanders Emerson
1 $500.00
Muskingum County Democratic Party
1 $10.00
Nashua Fundraiser!
Kuster for Congress
1 $150.00
Morgan County Democrats
1 $50.00
Muslim American Caucus - CYD
Aref Aziz
1 $20.00
Naomi Jakobsson Stands Against NRA
Lance Dixon
1 $150.00
My 25th Bday wish, raise $250 for Pro...
Adam Taylor
1 $50.00
Nancy Stephens LA
1 $550.00
Move Tampa Bay Forward
Tom Alte
1 $100.00
Mulvaney's B&L Sept 16th
Roger Dickinson
1 $100.00
Nancy Lehrkind & Helen Nicholas host ...
Elizabeth Echols
1 $100.00
Nancy Lamb for District Attorney
Nancy Lamb
1 $10.00
Murphy Orlando for Bill Frick
Friends of Bill Frick
1 $250.00
Nancy Pelosi for President
Ruby Zandra Waller
My Fundraising Page
My Jim Rex Support Party
Barbara Rackes
Moving NC Forward 2014
My page
Moving Forward Together!
Pamela Reaves-Harris
Moving Forward to Fight For Better
marcos faala sencil
Nancy Cronk for Colorado
Nancy Cronk
Nancy Guthrie 4 House
Move Women Forward Store
Vinod Kumar Nair
Muckle Event
Susie McMahon
Nancy Marsiglia for Mary Landrieu
Nancy Pelosi 4 President
Ruby Zandra Waller
MPWU for Schauer
My Birthday Party
Rose Mary Clifford Members Support Alan Lowen...
Alan Lowenthal for Congress
Mostyn Reception
Kim Taylor, Rick Noriega for U.S. Sen...
Moses S. Dixon For State Representative
Nancy Schiavone for State Representative
Nancy Skinner for State Senate
Murphy for CT-SEN
Greg Hawes
Moses' Fantastic Fundraiser for Tom S...
Moroccan Americans of Florida for Joh...
Driss R. Temsamani
Morning Breakfast at the American Tap...
Catherine M Hudgins
More Marriage Champions in 2014
More Democrats = More Jobs!
Murphy for Delegate Fundraiser with J...
Ray Rieling
Moore For Congress
Moore For Congress
Monty Mason for Delegate
Rob Krupicka
Nassau County Young Contribution Page
Nassau County Young Democrats
Natalie Tenant for U.S.Senate
Christopher Turman
Monthly Mixer - June 17th at Aut Bar,...
The Ann Arbor Democratic Party
Monthly donations
Natick for Ed Markey
B. Dusett
National Marriage Equality Day
Scott Wooledge
National Online University Supporters
Americans for a National Online Unive...
naya event page aaj banayaa hai....