Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Fund Millions March NYC!
752 $10,268.00
Fundraiser in Honor of Sen. Rich Mada...
Marylanders for Richard Madaleno. Lin...
71 $8,875.00
Fund our Get Out The Vote efforts!
43 $825.00
Fundraiser for Jack Trammell
41 $6,150.00
Fund our Get Out The Vote efforts!
30 $631.00
Fundraiser for Esteban Garces and Al ...
Progressive Majority
21 $850.00
Fundraiser for Chad Causey on Septemb...
Chad Causey for
20 $15,850.00
Fundraiser for Walt Leger III
Committee to Elect Walt Leger III
19 $1,900.00
Fund our Get Out The Vote efforts!
17 $565.00
Fundraiser for Tom Perriello at White...
Patricia Carr
16 $2,871.00
Fundraiser Lunch for Ross Romero
15 $2,250.00
Fundraiser & Birthday Celebration for...
Citizens to Elect Jamilah Nasheed
14 $2,550.00
Fundraiser- Evan Low for State Assemb...
Carl and Leslee Guardino
13 $3,000.00
Fundraiser for Senator Richard D. Roth
Barbara and Jim Robinson
11 $3,900.00
Fundraiser at the home of John and El...
Rachel Levine
10 $3,350.00
Fundraiser hosted by Jeanette Rishell
Genthner for Delegate
10 $750.00
Fund Raiser for Kelley Albrecht
Friends of the 63rd Assembly District
9 $450.00
Fundraiser & Birthday Celebration for...
Citizens to Elect Jamilah Nasheed
8 $3,125.00
Fundraiser for Dave Kunes
8 $340.00
Fundraiser Elliott Fausz with Lt. Gov...
7 $550.00
Fundraiser for Cary Kennedy
Beth Ganz
7 $700.00
Fundraiser for Chairman Pete Hammen
7 $1,415.00
Fundraiser for Eileen Donoghue
Committee to Elect Eileen Donoghue
7 $745.00
Fundraiser for Martin Casas featuring...
Martin Casas for St. Louis
7 $475.00
Fundraiser for Mike Maday
Annie Schmitt
7 $650.00
Fundraiser for Sarpy County Democrats
Sarpy County Democrats
7 $425.00
Fundraiser in Support of Senator Elle...
Camron Shelton
7 $775.00
Fundraiser at Moksa
Ken Reeves
6 $650.00
Fundraiser at the Home of Susan Bickl...
6 $700.00
Fund our Voter Protection Plan: Your ...
5 $65.00
Fundraiser at Granato's
5 $635.00
Fundraiser at the home of Anika Jackson
5 $2,250.00
Fundraiser at the home of Mary Siegfried
Rachel Levine
5 $1,400.00
Fundraiser for Dalia Palchik with Sen...
5 $250.00
Fundraiser in Support of Dr. Jill McC...
5 $1,700.00
4 $340.00
Fundraiser for Alan Cohn!
4 $225.00
Fundraiser For Glenn Melancon
Texas Families For Glenn Melancon
4 $240.00
Fundraiser for Sisto
4 $95.00
4 $300.00
Fundraiser for Danny Figueroa
Friends of Danny Figueroa
3 $460.00
Fundraiser for Jonathan Tasini
Patti Jacobson, Alayne MacArthur, Jud...
3 $200.00
Fundraiser for Marie Corfield at the ...
Jeff Pickens
3 $475.00
Fundraiser for Sue Malek- Democratic ...
Alex Corcoran
3 $290.00
Fundraiser for the Barber-Peters Vict...
Mike Mendoza
3 $2,250.00
Fundraiser for the Field
CT Working Families Party
3 $151.00
Fundraiser for Tracy Kraft-Tharp
Rep. Crisanta Duran
3 $175.00
Fundraiser hosted by Lola Quintela
3 $130.00
Fundraiser Reception for Mayoral Cand...
Kathleen Hobson
3 $175.00
JR Gaillot
2 $75.00
Fundraiser and Wine Tasting
Geoff Tchon
2 $150.00
Fund Raiser For Alderman Matt McLaughlin
2 $150.00
Fundraiser for Carol Liu
Carol Liu for State Senate
2 $3,000.00
Fundraiser for Cary Kennedy
Ellen Mangione
2 $200.00
Fundraiser for Marie Corfield
Jeff Pickens
2 $50.00
Fundraiser for Nicole Brown
2 $150.00
Fundraiser for Scott Simpson for Ward...
Justin Friedman
2 $40.00
Fundraiser at Ford Field!
1 $500.00
Fundraiser at Liliana's
1 $100.00
Fundraiser at the Pilnser Inn
Chris and Julie Wedge & Ethan Guillen...
1 $25.00
Fundraiser for Cheryl Roberts
Friends of Cheryl Roberts
1 $200.00
Fundraiser for Lane Larson with Jon T...
1 $100.00
Fundraiser for Mike Maday
Annie Schmitt
1 $50.00
Fundraiser for Shelli Yoder with Jim ...
1 $75.00
Fundraiser for Tom Shields @ BlackFinn
Shields for Delegate
1 $25.00
Fundraiser Honoring National Urban Le...
Chelsea Aquino, Finance Assistant
1 $100.00
Fundraiser/House Party to Support Ted...
Abby Cohen & Stuart Snyder
1 $50.00
Fund our first endorsement!
Colleen Kennedy
Peg Wilson
Friends for Aby Phoenix For Coroner
Andre' A. Coffer, CPA
Bob Roberts
Ted Zigmunt
Fund Raiser
W. A. (Bill) Hedge
Fundraiser at Om Restaurant
Ken Reeves
Fundraiser at Red Line
Ken Reeves
Fundraiser at Royal East
Ken Reeves
Fundraiser at the Ferguson House
Fundraiser at the home of Sherry Matt...
Lindeen for State Auditor
Fundraiser at the Joynt!
Randy Cohen & Wayne Cohen
Fund Raiser at White Eagle
Dr. Victor Forys
Fundraiser for 10th Ward Alderman Sus...
Fundraiser for Barbara Ann at Joan Gr...
Jordan McPhail
Fundraiser for Carol Blood
Fundraiser for Cary Kennedy
Sudhir Verma
Fundraiser for Congressman Bill Enyart
Enyart for Congress
Fundraiser for Councilor Robert Jubin...
Fundraiser for Councilor Robert Jubin...
Governor's Councilor Robert Jubinville
Fundraiser for Cynthia Chisolm & Barb...
Cynthia Chisolm
Fundraiser for Dan Ramos - May 15, 2012
State Representative Dan Ramos
Fundraiser for Denise Cassells
Linn County Democratic Party
Fundraiser for John Fleming & Pam Pon...
Fundraiser for Jonathan Tasini
Peggy and Gerold Wunderlich
Fundraiser for Jonathan Tasini
at The Public House
Fundraiser for Jonathan Tasini
Sally Jones
Fundraiser for Mac
Frank and Susan D'Alessandro
Fundraiser for Randall Olsen
Fundraiser for Tom Hucker at Pacci's
Fundraiser in Kerrville
Vernon Harrison
Fundraiser in Milwaukee with Lynde Ui...
Kathleen Falk