Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Rapid Response
400 $7,282.00
Rebecca Thompson for State Representa...
Rebecca Thompson for State Representa...
143 $11,261.00
Rapid Response Fund
142 $5,758.00
Raise the Minimum Wage!
96 $3,010.10
Reception for Congressman Ed Markey
The Clean Tech Community
87 $35,125.00
Rebecca Thompson for State Representa...
Rebecca Thompson for State Representa...
80 $4,195.00
receive your 'Tea Party: Brewing Extr...
69 $981.00
Reception for Peter Buttigieg for Ind...
Caroline Adler, Justin Burchard, Matt...
67 $5,635.00
Real Estate Reunion
Camron Gorguinpour
53 $5,150.00
"Raising of the Green" St. Patrick's ...
SLO Grassroots Democracy
52 $2,790.00
Reception at the Tribe and Westling R...
Joseph P. Kennedy III
41 $16,550.00
Ready for a Challenge? Contribute Now
39 $1,859.00
Real Conversations
Senator Dave Hansen
38 $785.00
Reception at the Getty Residence
Stefanie Roumeliotes
31 $48,200.00
Reception at Tia's
Joseph P. Kennedy III
30 $2,750.00
Reception at Scalo
29 $2,263.00
Raising the BOR: A Fundraiser for Bur...
Burnt Orange Report
26 $2,080.00
Reception for Joe Kennedy III hosted ...
Brian O'Connor, Pete Smith and Craig ...
24 $25,425.00
Real power
21 $598.00
Ramey Ko for Texas State Representative
20 $2,500.00
Rapid Response
20 $570.00
RC DEM 2014
19 $1,210.00
Raise the Minimum Wage in New Jersey
19 $340.00
Rally in the Alley with Governor Kaine
Leslie Mason
19 $2,125.00
Reception for Chairman Ben Grant and ...
Maine Democratic Party
16 $2,350.00
Rebuilding the Middle Class
14 $490.00
Rapid Response Fund
14 $430.00
Rebecca Thompson for State Representa...
11 $425.00
Reception At Rockafellers
Peter Schmidt For Delegate
10 $1,820.00
Ready for Hillary in London
8 $7,250.00
Reception for Ayanna Pressley for Cit...
Joyce Linehan
8 $815.00
Reception for Darrel Thompson
7 $425.00
Rashida for State Senate
Rashida Tlaib
7 $965.00
Reception at the Malbon's
Peter Schmidt
7 $1,050.00
Ready for Battle
6 $1,075.00
Reception at the home of Shervin Pish...
Booker Senate Victory
6 $26,500.00
Reception for Gavin Newsom at the Ash...
Stefanie Roumeliotes
6 $4,500.00
Reception for Senator Dan Kotowski
Dan Kotowski for State Senate
5 $1,375.00
Raise Up America
5 $35.00
RCDP Leadership Training
Riverside County Democratic Party
5 $40.00
Reception for Jennifer Wexton
Friends of Jennifer Wexton
5 $2,950.00
Real Estate Happy Hour
5 $1,850.00
REALLY? Tee Shirts
Dare County Democratic Party
4 $175.00
Reception at the Gregory Residence
Stefanie Roumeliotes
3 $8,000.00
Real Estate Women for Mike Lake
Polly, Kathy, Leslie and Kristin
3 $1,100.00
Reception for Delegate Tom Hucker
3 $140.00
Reception for Brianne Murphy
Brianne Murphy
3 $250.00
Randy Gori, Barry Julian, John Kurows...
Sam Barrett
3 $1,250.00
Ramblers for Kotowski
Dan Kotowski for State Senate
2 $300.00
Rampuria Fundraiser
Patrick Burgwinkle
2 $200.00
Ralph Jones for Will Brownsberger for...
Ralph Jones
2 $350.00
Rapid Response Team
2 $150.00
Reception for Mayor Gavin Newsom in S...
Stefanie Roumeliotes
2 $200.00
Reception for John Freeman at the Sci...
Jonathan Feuer
2 $350.00
Reception and Fundraiser in support o...
Colleen Callahan for Congress
2 $50.00
Reception for John Chemaly & Gary Sepe
1 $250.00
Reception for Michela Alioto-Pier We...
Michela Alioto-Pier for Insurance Com...
1 $2,000.00
Reception for Congressman Matt Cartwr...
Cartwright for Congress
1 $250.00
Rappa For Representative
Paulette Rappa
1 $5.00
Reception for Brianne Murphy with Jer...
Brianne Murphy
1 $25.00
Reception for Betty Yee
Ari Ruiz
1 $100.00
Reception for Ann Callis
Ann Callis for Congress
1 $250.00
Raleigh Reception
Cal Cunningham For U.S. Senate
1 $100.00
Ready for Hillary in Paris
1 $250.00
Rebecca Thompson for State Representa...
1 $25.00
Reception for Candidate Jerome Miller
Jerome Miller
Raj Srinivasan
Reception at Triton Systems
Ramey Ko For State Representative
Rand Knight for U.S. Senate Reception
Rand Knight Campaign Committee
Ralf Rho
Ralf Rho
Reception for Brianne Murphy
Brianne Murphy
Raul Bocanegra for State Assembly 2014
Rally for Romanoff at the Mayan
Mike Collins
Reception at the home of Charles Myers
Jackie Brot Weinberg
Real Estate Happy Hour
Raise The Roof Summer Kick-Off Fundra...
Desmund adams
Reception at Imbibe
Reception for Cong. Robin Kelly & DWS...
Yvonne Perkins
Reception for Councilwoman Sabina Matos
Sabina Matos
Reception and Fundraiser for Scott El...
Mariah Hatta
Rand Knight TGIF House Party
Bob & Debia McCulloch
Start with YES
Randy Ewing for Mary Landrieu
Raise the minimum wage!
Reception for Joe Kennedy III hosted ...
Jim Karam
Reception for Joe Neguse at Hilltop P...
Reception and Fundraiser for David Wh...
Mariah Hatta
Rally Visibilty Events
Reception for Mark Keam with Delegate...
Mary and Rick Dotson
Reception for Martin with Heinrich wi...
Martin Heinrich
Receive a free bumper sticker!
Ralph Lupin for Mary Landrieu
Reception for Mike Lake in Framingham
Committee to Elect Mike Lake
Reception for Mike Lake in Lowell
Committee to Elect Mike Lake
Reception for Mike Lake on Martha's V...
Committee to Elect Mike Lake
Raise the Minimum Wage!
Reception for Peter Donahoe at the Ho...
Good Government for Columbia County
Reception for Rodney W Moore
Rodney W Moore
Ralph Junius for Mary Landrieu