Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Jack Trammell for Congress
Jack Trammell for Congress
1,826 $79,454.87
Jack Trammell for Virginia
1,301 $75,042.34
I want to help Chris retire his debt
561 $118,502.01
Jacqui Irwin for CA Assembly
333 $122,080.00
I watched him
165 $3,478.00
“I Want Alan Grayson to Be My Congres...
123 $2,830.00
Jason Dunnington for Oklahoma House 2...
Jason Dunnington
96 $16,490.00
Jass Stewart, Brockton City Councilor...
Jass Stewart
73 $3,235.00
Jack F. Kelly III for Boston City Cou...
The Committee to Elect Jack F. Kelly III
68 $8,081.00
Jackie Cilley for NH
Spring Fling Event Committee
30 $5,055.00
Jay Stamper for Senate
30 $3,120.64
James Kemmerer for NY State Senate
James Kemmerer
29 $2,575.00
James Michael Bowers for State Legisl...
James Michael Bowers
22 $1,578.00
Jason Zove For Assembly
Jason Zove For NYS Assembly
18 $1,500.00
James H. Kimber for Congress
17 $1,885.00
Jared's 35th Birthday Bash
Jared Polis for Congress
16 $22,550.00
January 2012 DAD Breakfast feat. Fran...
Allison Dickert
14 $315.00
Jane Raybould for Lincoln City Council
13 $1,575.00
January 2014 DAD Breakfast - Dan Duncan
13 $300.00
Jazz Up Columbus Day2!
Stafford VA Democratic Committee
13 $895.00
James Bradley for State Representative
12 $570.00
Janice is in!
12 $638.00
January 26 Reception with Senator Kaine
11 $10,350.00
Jason Wessel for House 23
11 $610.00
Japanese Curry Fundraiser
Luke E. Dickerson for Rutherford County
8 $222.00
January 26 2015 DAD Breakfast featuri...
Dulles Area Democrats
7 $360.00
January: Vernon Victory Fund
6 $715.00
IYD "Give a Christmas" Service Project
5 $275.00
Jacksonville Fire Fighters Alex Sink ...
Fire Fighters For Sink
5 $375.00
Jason Lynch For Don Quick
Jason Lynch
5 $1,475.00
Jackie Joseph and Carolyn See's House...
Sheila Kuehl for Supervisor
4 $400.00
Janet Ellis for Legislature!
Jake Troyer
4 $310.00
January 19th, 2:30pm-4:30pm Reception...
Sheila Kuehl for Supervisor
4 $500.00
January 26th Event in Support of Robe...
Mia Phifer
4 $675.00
January 8 Fundraiser for Judd Legum
Georgie and Ted Berkinshaw
4 $600.00
Jared Polis for Congress
4 $3,500.00
Jack Cinnirella
Giacomo Cinnirella
3 $6.00
James Lau at G2 Gallery
John Saint Denis, Jim Favaro, Elizabe...
3 $800.00
January 2011
Donald McEachin for State Senate
3 $625.00
Jared Polis' 38th Birthday Celebration
Jared Polis for Congress
3 $1,100.00
Jared Polis Majority Fund DC Event
Brooks Banton
3 $1,750.00
Jared Polis Victory Fund Event for Co...
Jared Polis Victory Fund
3 $700.00
Jay's 54th Birthday
Alex Cragun
3 $128.00
I want to help Tom Houghton Fight For Us
2 $75.00
I, Wesley Reed, thank you my friend f...
Wesley Reed
2 $610.00
Jake Holder for NV State Assembly Dis...
Jesse "Jake" Holder
2 $40.00
Jane Fisher for Jon Hoadley MI-HD-60
2 $65.00
Jaric Fontaine for District 10
2 $110.00
Jazz in June
Tammi McIntyre
2 $125.00
Jacalyn Bennett
1 $25.00
Jackie Speier's Birthday Fiesta Frida...
Sophia Yen MD
1 $500.00
Jake for Bucy
1 $25.00
Jamaica Plain for Ayanna Pressley
1 $100.00
Jamaica Plain for Ayanna Pressley
Chelsea Aquino
1 $125.00
James Clyburn Alan Grayson Fundraiser
1 $500.00
James Corbett for CA State Assembly 7...
1 $25.00
James is Supporting Anybody But Quinn
1 $100.00
Jane Crisp for State Representative
1 $110.00
Janet Bonner Hostess
Susan Talamantes Eggman
1 $40.00
Jan for Bucy
1 $25.00
January 12 at the Rymer Gallery
Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus
1 $250.00
January 6th Annapolis Event with Sena...
Rachel Levine
1 $250.00
Jason Crow for Don Quick
1 $250.00
Jason Otaño's campaign bid for Brookl...
Daniel Lebrón
1 $75.00
Jason Palitsch for State Representative
Mark Adler
1 $100.00
JBW Running for the House T-shirts
1 $50.00
JCDPTX Membership Dues
Ray Nelson
1 $20.00
I Was There Buttons
Clayton Foley
Jaci Stofferahn for D13 House
Jack Corrigans's Fundraising Page for...
Maura Healey for Attorney General
Jack Davis for Perry Township Board -...
Jack Evans for Mayor
Jack Evans
Jack Finlaw for Hickenlooper
Jackie for state rep
Jackie Cali-PItts
Jackie for state rep
Jackie Cali-PItts
Jackie Swanson for 32
Curtis Price
Jackie Theriot for Mary Landrieu
Jack Reed for Senate
Jackson Day 2009
Tennessee Democratic Party
Jeanette Jackson
Jake Holder for NV Assembly District 10
Jesse "Jake" Holder
Jamaica Plain For Bob Massie
Chuck Collins, Tess & Ken Pope, Ralph...
James Pirtle for Fort Bend County Judge
Jamie Eldridge Winery Fundraiser
Patrick Burgwinkle
Janet Beuning's Fundraising Page for ...
Jan Schakowsky for Congress
January 15th Turquoise PAC Event
Congressman Ben Lujan
January 6th Annapolis Reception
Sean Winkler
Jared Polis' Birthday Celebration
Polis for Congress
Jared Polis September 10th DC Event
Stonewall Democrats
Jared Polis Victory Fund
Jared Polis Victory Fund
Jared Polis Victory Fund Supporting R...
Jared Polis Victory Fund
Jarred Johnson's fundraising page
Jarred Johnson
Jason Dunnington for State Senate
Jason Kander Fundraiser
Jason Kander Fundraiser
Javan Frinks' fundraising page
Javan Frinks
Jay Carney's Fundraising Page for Mau...
Maura Healey for Attorney General
Jay Chen for Congress Store