Complete List of Contribution Forms

Title & Author Donors Total Raised
Medicare AND Obamacare!!
321 $8,916.00
Meet bold progressive Elizabeth Warre...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
123 $17,404.00
Medicare For All: Bob Asked, and Alan...
90 $4,137.88
McKenna for Congress
Michael McKenna
60 $2,403.00
Meet & Greet with Hakeem Jeffries
Stella Binkevich
53 $2,515.00
Medicaid Emergency Fund
29 $455.00
MCDP Diversity Awards Celebration 2009
Maricopa County Democratic Party
26 $1,115.00
Meet Elizabeth Warren at a Very Small...
Adam Caper & Rebecca Yang
21 $5,900.00
McDonell for Dane Birthday Party!
15 $1,215.00
Meet bold progressive Elizabeth Warre...
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
11 $1,650.00
Meet Alan Webber May 2nd!
Dominic Cappello
10 $602.00
McLane for Executive Council
9 $600.00
McLean Reception for John Foust
8 $1,200.00
Meet Ashwin Madia - August 14
Ashwin Madia
7 $650.00
Meet Ashwin Madia in Boston
Stuart Rosenberg
7 $926.00
Meet Dr. Rogers at the Midwest Confer...
7 $1,500.00
Meet Eric Griego in DC!
Progressive Change Campaign Committee...
7 $165.00
6 $300.00
Medway Summer BBQ
6 $450.00
Meet and Greet Fundraiser for Abel Gu...
Nicky Gonzalez Yuen & Ces Rosales
6 $325.00
Meet Elizabeth Coppola
6 $475.00
Meet & Greet on July 14 from 7-9 p.m.
Tom Koerber & William Offutt
6 $229.00
Medina County Democratic Party
Sandy Young
5 $1,555.00
Meet Alan Webber April 24th!
Nicole R, Larry G, Harlan F and Sydney C
5 $295.00
Meet Ayanna Lee
Georgia Berner
5 $170.00
MCD 4th of July Boat
The Mid-Cities Democrats
4 $240.00
Medford Fundraiser for Mike
4 $750.00
Medina for Assembly - Special Orange ...
Mona Razani
4 $300.00
Meet & Greet with Pat Kreitlow & Russ...
Donna Seidel & Andy Benedetto
4 $450.00
Meet Jim Ascot at Trattoria Isabella
Angel White
4 $600.00
McGovernites for Weiland, to keep SD ...
Labor Liberals and Prairie Populists
3 $250.00
Media Blitz!
3 $178.00
Meet and Support Andra Hoffman for LA...
3 $305.00
Meet Janet Bewley
3 $100.00
Measure of Strength
John Garamendi, CA -3
2 $50.00
Meet and Greet Fundraiser
2 $350.00
Meet and Greet with Chicago City Cler...
Friends of Marc Loveless
2 $200.00
Meet and Greet with Dan Kilkenny
2 $40.00
Meet Dr. Dena Minning in St. Louis
2 $300.00
Meet Eric Griego in DC!
Hon. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ)
2 $350.00
Meet & Greet August 2nd
Calvin & Diana Snowden
2 $150.00
Team McKendry
1 $500.00
McMinn Dems
McMinn County Democratic Party
1 $10.00
MCYD Fundraising Page
1 $15.00
Medway fundraiser
Paul & KathleenYorkis
1 $100.00
Meet and Greet Richard Bolger in Clar...
James T Tsai
1 $50.00
Meet and Greet with Barbi Appelquist
Mary Beth Maloney, Deepa Chatterjee, ...
1 $200.00
Meet and Greet with Barbi Appelquist
1 $15.00
Meet Anita Hartke at The Ironhorse
Anita Hartke
1 $50.00
Meet Barbi Appelquist for Senate Dist...
1 $200.00
Meet Ernie
1 $50.00
Meet Kelly Westlund in Chippewa Falls
1 $100.00
Meet Maggie in Los Alamos
1 $250.00
McDermott Will and Emery Lunch for Ma...
MCDP Family Fun Day
MCDP Merchandise
Maricopa County Democratic Party
McGaffers - January 23
O'Brien for Cook County
McGill Re-election Kick-off
Amanda McGill
McGovern For City Council
McKissick for Senate
McNerney - Count Every Vote
McNerney for Congress
McNerney - Count Every Vote
McNerney Victory Fund
Doug Greven
MCYD Fundraisng Page
MDAN 2009 House Party
MDAN- Michigan Democratic Action Network
MD Rabbi Alam for U.S. Senate - 2016
MIssourians for MD Alam
Meck Young Dems
Medical Mission to Cleveland Clinic
Kathy Johnston
Medicare AND Obamacare!!
Medway for Karen Spilka
Meet Alan Webber May 14th!
Mary, Carol, Sarah and Kate
Meet and Greet
Meet And Greet
Rick Valdez
Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet Reception for Mike Lak...
Committee to Elect Mike Lake
Meet and Greet with Chicago City Cler...
Meet and Greet with Chicago City Cler...
Meet bold progressive Elizabeth Warre...
Meet Congressman Alan Grayson
Meet Dr. Dena Minning, Democrat for U...
Meet Emily with Elissa and Jean Marc
Meet Eric Griego in the East Mountains!
Team Griego
Meet & Greet
Paul Dudrich
Meet & Greet
Meet, Greet, and Support Dr. Anil Kum...
Meet & Greet Fundraiser for Abel Guil...
Ces Rosales & Nicky Gonzalez Yuen
Meet & Greet Representative Amy Sue V...
Nick Milroy
Meet & Greet with Representative Penn...
Meet Hank Aaron
Meeting of the Mayors
Meeting of the Mayors
Meet Jackie at the Conaway Ranch
Bob Conaway
Meet Kenny
Paul & Carole Bannes
Meet Mack Chase
Meet Maggie in Carlsbad!
Meet Maggie In Espanola!!
Meet Maggie in Socorro!!
Meet Maggie on Saturday, August 16th!
Meet Maggie Toulouse Oliver in T or C!