We make it easy for you

We make it easy for you to build your online fundraising program in no time, whether you’re running a national operation or launching your own campaign for city council. We charge a flat rate of 3.95% on each donation you receive to cover the processing cost.

Other than that, everything’s on us. You’ll have access to all the ActBlue tools as well as customer service to help your team and your donors at no extra cost.

No contracts, no surprises, no hidden fees. You can do the math.

800,000 Express users and counting...

We’re the go-to place for fundraising on the left, and donors love to store their information because they can give to all their favorite candidates and organizations with just one click. We call these donors Express users, and they’re exclusive to ActBlue.

Because the Express donor universe is so large, your supporters are already a part of it. On average, 40% of your existing donors will already be Express users, and they’ll donate 72.9% more often.


With all features included, you can build the program that fits your needs, no matter your budget.


Unlimited Fundraising Pages

Our forms are tested across all platforms. Plan an event, sell campaign t-shirts, or customize your fundraising ask. Take advantage of our A/B testing and reference code tools to make smarter, data-based decisions.


Customized Pages to Match Your Website

Create a branded page to make donors feel at home while donating through our secure website. Our tools help non-designers easily create a polished page with a logo and complimentary color.


Optimized Contribution Forms

Our forms have been tested and retested hundreds of times to ensure that they make you more money.

Our forms are visually appealing and easy to navigate with pre-filled information for repeat donors.

Want to do more testing? Use our A/B test feature to test out different fundraising asks and analyze the results.


PayPal Integration

What does having PayPal on the donation form mean for you? 10% more money. It’s one of the best kept secrets for increasing conversion rates.


Big Data

You don’t have to hire a full analytics team to get useful insights from your fundraising data. We give you the tools you need to collect good data so you can make smarter decisions.


Mobile Donation Forms

Donors on the go are automatically served up easy-to-use mobile forms, so you don’t miss out on any contributions.

We Handle the Details


Responsive Customer Service

We respond to every phone call and email we get - from you and your donors.


No contracts or bills.

You’ll receive your check minus the processing fee. You’re never under contract. You don’t pay when you’re not raising.



We take security very seriously. ActBlue is an outside auditor certified Level 1 PCI provider. We give your donors peace of mind.

Getting Your Money

We mail out checks every Monday containing funds you raised through Sunday night. If you need to establish a different check schedule or need multiple checks a week, just let us know.


Down to the wire?

Nobody can get you your money faster. When an election or fundraising deadline is approaching, you can’t risk your money being held up in banks. We move tens of millions of dollars each year. The banks know us. We get the cash fastest and out to you asap.

Exclusive Users

If you do plan on using ActBlue exclusively, you’ll qualify for extra perks.

  • If you’re a federal account raising over $5k each day, you can turn contributions into cash over night with our wire transfers
  • Get insights into your data, including Express account matching

Who can use ActBlue?

The first requirement is that you’re a Democrat or working for progressive causes.

We can list all federal candidates, as well as PACs and c4 non-profit organizations. If you’re not sure if you qualify, contact us here.

We also list all states (except CT) and some local candidates. Billing for some local and state candidates works a little different. Check out the list below to see if you’ll need a merchant account.

Merchant Accounts

For some local and state races, the laws require you to have your own merchant account. No problem! We have an easy system for getting you set up with an account, you can still use all of our tools seamlessly, and the fee is about the same.

Check the list below to see if you’ll need a merchant account.

This process takes about a week to complete, so make sure you contact us before you’re ready to start fundraising.

Click here to get started!

Active Local Jurisdictions

Local jurisdictions requiring a merchant account

Baltimore, MD

Charlotte, NC

Cleveland, OH

Columbus, OH

Cottage Grove, MN

Denver, CO

El Paso County, CO

Franklin County, OH

Houston, TX

Howard County, MD

Indianapolis and Marion County, IN

Island County, WA

Jefferson County, CO

Kings County, NY

Kings County, WA

Long Beach, CA*

Los Angeles, CA*

Los Angeles County, CA*

Mecklenburg County, NC

Memphis, TN

Montgomery County, MD

New York, NY

Oakland, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ

Pittsburgh, PA

Prince Georges County, MD

San Antonio, TX

Santa Clara County, CA

Wake County, NC

Yonkers, NY

Local jurisdictions that work on a 3.95% pricing system

Arapahoe County, CO

Chicago, IL

Cook County, IL

Dane County, WI

Honolulu, HI*

Madison, WI

Massachusetts (most cities)

Milwaukee County, WI

Multnomah County, OR

Omaha, NE

Outagmie County, WI

Portland, OR

San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA*

St. Louis, MO

Texas (all counties)

Washington, DC

All Virginia cities over 20k

* some exceptions - contact us at info@actblue.com if you have questions

States requiring a merchant account















North Carolina

New Hampshire

New Jersey





Rhode Island


West Virginia

All other states work on the normal 3.95% pricing system