Casten for Congress

Casten for Congress

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Dear Friends,

Are you sick and tired of waking up every morning to the latest travesty from Trump and his Republican Congress? Then help me flip the House of Representatives on November 6th by supporting Democrat Sean Casten for Congress from Illinois’ 6th Congressional District.

You may ask why I’m working to elect Sean Casten for Congress. As you know, I don’t live in the 6th Congressional District. I live in the 7th, a safe Democratic district adjacent to the 6th. But I am alarmed by the Republican Congress’ complete abdication of its constitutional responsibility to check the most dangerous president in the history of the United States.

Casten is running against Peter Roskam, a 5-term Republican congressman and Trump loyalist. A whip-smart biochemical engineer from Downers Grove, Casten is a passionate climate change scientist and a successful businessman. He checks all of my boxes: he is an enthusiastic proponent of universal healthcare, gun control, DACA, a women’s right to choose, environmental protection, the Equal Rights Amendment, and LGBTQ rights. And he is vehemently opposed to the Republican tax plan. In short, he is the polar opposite of Roskam, the principle architect of that heinous tax bill, who votes with Trump 94% of the time and has a 93% NRA rating. 

The pundits say that the 6th Congressional District, which sent Roskam to House 5 times but voted for Hillary in 2016 by a margin of 7 points, is poised to swing left in the November midterm elections. In fact, Casten and Roskam are in a dead heat in the polls despite Roskam’s naturally higher name recognition as a career politician and an incumbent. This is a very big deal. If we can flip 23 House seats from Republican to Democrat in the upcoming midterms, the Democrats will regain control of the House and have the votes they need to check Trump’s “blow it all up” agenda. I don’t know about you but this is the one thing that gives me hope these days.


Roskam has over $2 million in his campaign war chest, a sum that will be hard for Casten to match. To help him get there, I have committed to raise $5,000 for his congressional campaign. But I can’t do it alone: I need your help. Please help me reach my goal by making a donation to Casten’s bid for Congress. Any amount is welcome but with all due respect to Mies Van Der Rohe, more actually IS more!

To make your donation, just click this link:

On behalf of the Casten campaign, I thank you!!!


P.S. For more information about Sean Casten, go to his website at 

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