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By Year

OR-Sen 2016
Image of Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden

OR-01 2016
Image of Suzanne Bonamici

Suzanne Bonamici

OR-03 2016
Image of Earl Blumenauer

Earl Blumenauer

OR-04 2016
Image of Peter DeFazio

Peter DeFazio

OR-05 2016
Image of Kurt Schrader

Kurt Schrader

OR-SD-02 2016
Image of Jim Diefenderfer

Jim Diefenderfer

OR-SD-12 2016
Image of Annette Frank

Annette Frank

OR-SD-14 2016
Image of Mark Hass

Mark Hass

OR-SD-18 2016

Ginny Burdick

OR-SD-21 2016
Image of Diane Rosenbaum

Diane Rosenbaum

OR-SD-23 2016
Image of Jackie Dingfelder

Jackie Dingfelder

OR-SD-25 2016

Laurie Monnes Anderson

Image of Brad Avakian

Brad Avakian

Julie Esparza Brown

Nick Caleb