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By Year

OR-Sen 2014
Image of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley

OR-Sen 2016
Image of Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden

OR-01 2014

Suzanne Bonamici

OR-02 2014

Aelea Christofferson

OR-03 2014
Image of Earl Blumenauer

Earl Blumenauer

OR-04 2014
Image of Peter DeFazio

Peter DeFazio

OR-05 2014
Image of Kurt Schrader

Kurt Schrader

OR-Gov 2014
Image of John Kitzhaber

John Kitzhaber

OR-HD-08 2014
Image of Paul Holvey

Paul Holvey

OR-HD-09 2014

Caddy McKeown

OR-HD-10 2014
Image of David Gomberg

David Gomberg

OR-HD-11 2014

Phil Barnhart

OR-HD-12 2014
Image of John Lively

John Lively

OR-HD-13 2014
Image of Nancy Nathanson

Nancy Nathanson

OR-HD-14 2014
Image of Val Hoyle

Val Hoyle

OR-HD-16 2014
Image of Dan Rayfield

Dan Rayfield

OR-HD-17 2014
Image of Richard Harisay

Richard Harisay

OR-HD-18 2014
Image of Scott Mills

Scott Mills

OR-HD-21 2014
Image of Brian Clem

Brian Clem

OR-HD-22 2014

Betty Komp

OR-HD-24 2014
Image of Ken Moore

Ken Moore

OR-HD-27 2014
Image of Tobias Read

Tobias Read

OR-HD-28 2014

Jeff Barker

OR-HD-29 2014

Ben Unger

OR-HD-30 2014

Joe Gallegos

OR-HD-33 2014

Mitch Greenlick

OR-HD-34 2014

Brian Tosky

OR-HD-34 2014
Image of Chris Harker

Chris Harker