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By Year

CA-Lt Gov 2018

John Perez

KY-Atty Gen 2015

Andy Beshear

MA-Atty Gen 2018
Image of Maura Healey

Maura Healey

MO-Atty Gen 2016
Image of Scott Sifton

Scott Sifton

NC-Atty Gen 2016
Image of Roy Cooper

Roy Cooper

VA-Atty Gen 2017
Image of Mark Herring

Mark Herring

MT-Sec State 2016
Image of Monica Lindeen

Monica Lindeen

NC-Sec State 2016
Image of Elaine Marshall

Elaine Marshall

KY-Treas 2015

Daniel Grossberg

NC-Treas 2016
Image of Janet Cowell

Janet Cowell

MS-Auditor 2015
Image of Jocelyn Pritchett

Jocelyn Pritchett

MT-Super 2016

Melissa Romano

CA-Brd Eq-02 2018

Fiona Ma

CO-Regent-1 2016
Image of Lucky Vidmar

Lucky Vidmar

MS-PSC-Central 2015

Cecil Brown

MS-PSC-North 2015
Image of Brandon Presley

Brandon Presley

NH-Exec-4 2016
Image of Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas