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By Year

NM-Sen 2018
Image of Martin Heinrich

Martin Heinrich

NM-Sen 2020
Image of Tom Udall

Tom Udall

NM-01 2016
Image of Michelle Lujan Grisham

Michelle Lujan Grisham

NM-03 2016
Image of Ben Ray Lujan

Ben Ray Lujan

NM-SD-03 2016
NM-SD-08 2016
NM-SD-09 2016
Image of John M. Sapien

John M. Sapien

NM-SD-11 2016

Linda Lopez

NM-SD-14 2016
Image of Michael Padilla

Michael Padilla

NM-SD-15 2016

Daniel Ivey-Soto

NM-SD-22 2016
Image of Benny Shendo Jr.

Benny Shendo Jr.

NM-SD-25 2016
Image of Peter Wirth

Peter Wirth

NM-SD-26 2016

Jacob Candelaria

NM-SD-26 2016
Image of Jacob Candelaria

Jacob Candelaria

NM-SD-28 2016
NM-SD-29 2016
Image of Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez

NM-SD-30 2016
Image of Clemente Sanchez

Clemente Sanchez

NM-SD-39 2016