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CA-Lt Gov 2014
Image of Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom

CA-Atty Gen 2014

Kamala Harris

CA-Sec State 2014

Alex Padilla

CA-Sec State 2014

Charles Calderon

CA-Sec State 2014

Derek Cressman

CA-Treas 2014
Image of John Chiang

John Chiang

CA-Ins Comm 2014
Image of Dave Jones

Dave Jones

CA-State School Superintendent 2014
CA-Brd Eq-01 2014
Image of Chris Parker

Chris Parker

CA-Brd Eq-02 2014
Image of Fiona Ma

Fiona Ma

CA-Brd Eq-03 2014

No Democratic candidate has emerged for this election.

CA-Brd Eq-04 2014
Image of Jerome Horton

Jerome Horton

CA-Brd Eq-04 2014

Lou Correa

CA-Cont 2014
Image of Betty Yee

Betty Yee

CA-Cont 2014

John Perez

CA-Cont 2014

Ron Calderon