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MA-Sen 2014
Image of Ed Markey

Ed Markey

MA-Sen 2018
Image of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

MA-01 2014
Image of Richard Neal

Richard Neal

MA-02 2014
Image of James McGovern

James McGovern

MA-03 2014
Image of Niki Tsongas

Niki Tsongas

MA-04 2014

Joseph P. Kennedy III

MA-05 2014

No Democratic candidate has emerged for this election.

MA-06 2014
Image of John Tierney

John Tierney

MA-06 2014
Image of Marisa DeFranco

Marisa DeFranco

MA-06 2014

Seth Moulton

MA-07 2014
Image of Michael Capuano

Michael Capuano

MA-08 2014
Image of Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch

MA-09 2014
Image of Bill Keating

Bill Keating

MA-Gov 2014
Image of Don Berwick

Don Berwick

MA-Gov 2014

Joseph Avellone

MA-Gov 2014
Image of Juliette Kayyem

Juliette Kayyem

MA-Gov 2014

Martha Coakley

MA-Gov 2014
Image of Steve Grossman

Steve Grossman

MA-Lt Gov 2014
Image of James Arena-DeRosa

James Arena-DeRosa

MA-Lt Gov 2014
Image of Leland Cheung

Leland Cheung

MA-Lt Gov 2014
Image of Mike Lake

Mike Lake

MA-Atty Gen 2014
MA-Atty Gen 2014
Image of Maura Healey

Maura Healey

MA-Atty Gen 2014
Image of Warren Tolman

Warren Tolman

MA-Sec State 2014
MA-Treas 2014

Barry Finegold

MA-Auditor 2014
Image of Suzanne Bump

Suzanne Bump

MA-Gov Coun2 2014
Image of Bob Jubinville

Bob Jubinville