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By Year

VA-Sen 2020
Image of Mark Warner

Mark Warner

VA-Sen 2018

Tim Kaine

VA-03 2016
Image of Bobby Scott

Bobby Scott

VA-08 2016
Image of Don Beyer

Don Beyer

VA-11 2016
Image of Gerry Connolly

Gerry Connolly

VA-Atty Gen 2017
Image of Mark Herring

Mark Herring

VA-HD-2 2015
Image of Michael Futrell

Michael Futrell

VA-HD-2 2015

Rod Hall

VA-HD-11 2015
Image of Sam Rasoul

Sam Rasoul

VA-HD-12 2015

Laurie Buchwald

VA-HD-13 2015
Image of Don Shaw

Don Shaw

VA-HD-21 2015
Image of Susan Hippen

Susan Hippen

VA-HD-25 2015
Image of Angela Lynn

Angela Lynn

VA-HD-27 2015
Image of Marty Mooradian

Marty Mooradian

VA-HD-28 2015

Kandy Hilliard

VA-HD-30 2015

Stewart Risher

VA-HD-36 2015
Image of Kenneth Plum

Kenneth Plum

VA-HD-37 2015
Image of David Bulova

David Bulova

VA-HD-37 2015

David Bulova

VA-HD-38 2015
Image of Kaye Kory

Kaye Kory

VA-HD-39 2015
Image of Vivian Watts

Vivian Watts

VA-HD-40 2015
Image of Jerrold Foltz

Jerrold Foltz

VA-HD-41 2015
Image of Eileen Filler-Corn

Eileen Filler-Corn

VA-HD-42 2015

Joana Garcia

VA-HD-43 2015
Image of Mark Sickles

Mark Sickles

VA-HD-44 2015

Scott Surovell

VA-HD-46 2015
Image of Charniele Herring

Charniele Herring

VA-HD-47 2015

Patrick Hope

VA-HD-49 2015

Alfonso Lopez