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Support Progressive Chris Murphy for the Senate Progressives United PAC
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Murphy for CT-SEN Greg Hawes
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Support Sen. Chris Murphy and MoveOn
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Keep the Senate Blue George
Support Climate Heroes Citizens Determined to Elect Clean Energy Champ...
Sticking up for Connecticut
Help Progressives and Keep Control of the Senate Progressives United PAC
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Spleeny's Senate candidates 2018
Contribute Now to Progressive Backlash Joseph Burns
Contribute Now to Frisco's Favorite Dems - 2012 frisco
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Progressives Worth Supporting Just Joe
JGibPAC Justin Gibson
11 (Make That 13) Key Senate Races We Can Win David Gikow
We're making Medicare for All central to the 2018 debate Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
Contribute Now to Support Senate Candidates The ActBlue Team