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Contribute Now to Support House Candidates from Michigan The ActBlue Team
Re-Elect Haley Stevens. MI-11. Nov 3, 2020.
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Swalwell's Future 40 List
Stand with Suzanne Bonamici and Haley Stevens
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Flip the House for Haley Stevens
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Help Haley Stevens win this TOSS-UP House race in Michigan!
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Support to "Keep It Blue" #KeepItBlue 2020
Join Tim in supporting these four incredible women for Congress!
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Elect game-changing Democrats in 2018!
Donate to Haley Stevens' congressional campaign in Michigan's 11th. (PCCC) Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
Donate $1 to each of these candidates to Get Out The Vote and work in a new Democratic Congress to protect and expand Social Security benefits. (PCCC) Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
Trust Women to Lead
Re-Elect Democrat Haley Stevens to Michigan's 11th congressional district. Donate now.
Support these Game Changers and Take Back the House
2018 Republican House Seats We Can Flip James Dillon
Women Warriors
Chip in to support these great challengers and help take back the House!